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Thread: Left and Right Mouse Button scripts for AutoHotkey

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    Default Left and Right Mouse Button scripts for AutoHotkey

    Hello, I just thought to share these scripts for AutoHotkey if someone is interested,
    with these you can build/sell rooms or traps, use spells and manage creatures way faster and efficiently,
    however it's not great in Possession mode.

    To use these scripts you need AutoHotkey:, install it, then select both of the files with the
    right click and select 'Run Script' and two icons of AutoHotkey should appear on your system tray, that means the scripts are running.
    Unfortunately you can't have both in one file, you have to run them separately, if I'm wrong and there's a way let me know.
    Remember to close AutoHotkey or pause the scripts through the tray icons when you're done playing.

    I've set LMB with the 'v' button and RMB with the 'b' button,
    If you want to change the hotkeys just edit the script files with Notepad, replace the three 'v' or 'b' letters then save it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For more keys and combinations:
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