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Thread: AI casting Call to Arms beyond LOS

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    Default AI casting Call to Arms beyond LOS

    So, in Vuen's Tomb, the AI has the ability to cast CTA WELL beyond it's Line of Sight and into my Training Room/Dungeon Heart. This means I am in no position to fight the AI Keeper while fending off Hero Waves.
    or that is the question

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    This has always been the case. Even in the original dungeon keeper the enemy could cast CTA anywhere.

    And I don't really think this is something worth changing. Sure, a human can't do it, but the creatures still have to walk all the way and explore. So as a human you could just cast cta on the edge of what you explored, recast it several times until you are where you are. I don't think the AI gets an advantage with his behavior over the human player, if anything it's a disadvantage because units get fewer chances to regroup.

    Also, see the topic about that map, and I believe this is the intended behavior.

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