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    Default Dunkeons 3


    I created a map named Dunkeons 3 based on Dungeons 3.
    It is intended to stage this in the best possible way, which of course is only possible to a limited extent.
    The north of the map, about a third of the map, is supposed to represent the upper world.
    Beasts await you in the dungeon region.
    In dungeons 3, heroes only have 3 levels with other look, which differ significantly from the strength,
    that's why all heroes on the map have level 1, 5 or 10.
    To get more and stronger creatures and more rooms you have to build all rooms 25 fields and destroy white guardposts (player_good),
    with call to arms, what malicious islands are supposed to represent.
    Blue and green guardposts can also be destroyed because otherwise archer will appear again and again.
    You can convert a maximum of one hero per type.
    Dungeon enemies cannot be converted.
    I also recommend looking for the dungeon enemies to get stronger.


    Final Boss:

    Dungeon enemies:


    Dragon Lizards

    Giant Worm

    Worm Breed

    Elements Monster


    Little Snot

    Thalya (Dark Elf)


    Goblin and Gob-O-Bot

    Orc and Ironhide


    Titan: Ogre


    Imp (Ranged Fire Demon)



    Titan: Pit Fiend


    Zombie and Skeleton




    Titan: Grave Golem

    gl hf

    Edit: I made a other version (V. 1.1) with some small changes and fixing a bug that occurred after destroying the player_good dungeon heart.
    Thalyas boost is less strong. Final Boss become a clear boost and another wave appears as soon as he stands alone.
    Undead are now limited. Maximum: 16, 6, 6
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    Default Re: Dunkeons 3

    Pretty easy. No needs of searching for special boxes. I wouldn't give the gem, not so close at least.
    I have killed all the group by lighting trap.
    The enemies killed each other and the final party killed the avatar by destroying yellow hearh. Why aren't they allies?

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    Default Re: Dunkeons 3

    Did you play the first version? I made a new 1.1 version (see above). They are allies, this bug occurred after the destroying of the white player_good dungeon heart.
    I don't know what the reason is I think it's a game rule.

    I think I fixed it here:


    thanks for the feedback. the avatar is already stronger in v. 1.1.
    Maybe I could make double waves from the second wave.
    The gem, yes it could be too strong, but it fits dungeons 3, but of course they disappear there after some time.
    I plan to install some more e.g. sound effects when thalya dies or comes back.
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    Default Re: Dunkeons 3

    I played the 1.1 version.
    The concept is nice: you can conquer the outworld only by moving your creatures. But the good players need to be more protected and, above all, they must be allies (or why not only one heart?)
    I will leave only the gem far away from the heart, maybe protected by some neutrals.

    ps: what the hell did you feed the bug?? it's soo strong!

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    Default Re: Dunkeons 3

    Ok there it doesn't seem to work properly. Then I'll take the white dungeon heart out completely.

    The bug plays the giant worm. He has to be strong he gets a boost from:


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    Default Re: Dunkeons 3

    I have played Dungeon 3, but I didn't remember all the features.

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    Default Re: Dunkeons 3

    I made a new version 1.2.

    The main changes are:

    - removed the white dungeon heart
    - more dungeon enemies
    - the start gem removed, there is another later surrounded by relatively strong dungeon enemies
    - there are almost always 2 waves coming at once
    - the yellow player3 dungeon heart is more difficult to reach and protected with a magic door
    - more sound effects
    - creatures and heroes are less afraid
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