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Thread: Need help of advance DK modding

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    Default Need help of advance DK modding

    Hello my dear keepers.

    now i have played DK FX alot over the last days. i have edited the Heros and monster files and so on.
    but now i want more much more.

    i need help to add new monter and heros.
    and monster spells.

    it would be cool if you can help me
    may be you know how to make it.

    like one of my ideas is a stronger version of the acher. a magical archer ( lvl 11 acher) with normal arrows, magical arrows ( long cd but much stronger) and some other skills.

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    Default Re: Need help of advance DK modding


    Unfortunately, adding more stuff is not possible by editing the config files. It's not even a matter of 'just' editing the KeeperFX source code. The number of units, spells and abilities are all limited by code from the original game. So unless you really know what you're doing, your only option is 'replacing' stuff.

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    Default Re: Need help of advance DK modding

    i know it is a lot of work.

    i was a programmer for java and php.

    it is a ton of work. adding new monster and spells.

    you need to edit the maps for te monster and spells add icons and so on.
    but i think we all to gether can find a way.

    first of... a way to open the game files that would help me to see with wath ind of code we have to work

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    Default Re: Need help of advance DK modding

    No, I did not mean it's a lot of work, I mean it's basically impossible.

    KeeperFX is part Open Source, part original dungeon keeper. The original .exe file renamed to .dll which runs all the functions that are not rewritten. That code there is not rewritten, not accessible, so cannot be changed. In that inaccessible code there's the limitations of number of creatures/spells/traps/abilities.

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