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Thread: Difficulty Levels - by script

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    Default Difficulty Levels - by script

    It occurs to me that the bulk of the creative process is taken up by the level design? I wondered if we could have difficulty levels, generated by the level script? Different scripts depending on the difficulty?

    This further made me wonder that, if we now have campaign variables enabled, could these be used to activate certain parts of a script when a level is played subsequently? A different way to achieve the same sort of thing?

    Then I further wondered if we could have a forum game, whereby a level is uploaded, and multiple people could write a level script for it? Has this been tried before perhaps?

    Given the scope of what can be done within the scripting now, I'm certain a bewildering number of very different game experiences could be generated?

    This is quite a bit of wondering, I know, but I've been away a while, and my interest has been re-kindled,


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    There are now quite a few settings that can easily change the difficulty setting of a map yes. When for example payday happens more frequently, and prisons and graveyards are less effective, that suddenly makes a map more challenging.
    There's currently no way to increase the difficulty of a level based on how often a level is played, although I guess you could make a map in some way where the player can select a difficulty setting the first time he plays it.

    What is possible, and I've got it on my todo list to edit my New Game+ campaign this way, is to change secret levels in campaigns based on how often you played them. Or even based on how many other secret levels you completed.

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