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    Is there a way to have a lot of doors without a workshop ( originally I didn’t have any doors or traps so my workshop was useless. So I added the doors in, But once the workshop gets full they’ll just keep building more until I have a bajillion workshops that take up half the map (I have the computer build my dungeon) But once the I removed the workshop, I made the doors available with the (1,1) function
    But that only gives me one door per type

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    Sure, with the TRAP_AVAILABLE command, the last digit is the amount of traps you get. (so 0,10) does not allow them to build them, but gives them 10 to start out with.

    If however you update to the latest alpha of KeeperFX (or anything beyond version 2050) the computer will sell exes traps himself and will not make more than 2 or 3 workshops in total. You can limit this further with the SET_COMPUTER_EVENT script command. You can also set a hard limit with regular IF commands.

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