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Thread: freeze timer?

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    Default freeze timer?

    how can I freeze the game timer?
    I want to speed up the game so that my samarais train faster, but then the hero parties seem like the come right after the other, and my samurais would only be at like level 4, I want them all to be at atleast 8 before they arrive

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    You cannot freeze game timers. You can use the script to set them back to zero, or just change the parties to spawn at a later point. You can also level up your samurai through the script

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    Default Re: freeze timer?

    how do I do make them come later? and where can I edit timers for certain levels?

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    Default Re: freeze timer?

    Just read the scripts, they are pretty straightforward, and can be understood without knowing the syntax. If at a level it says something like IF(PLAYER0,TIMER1 >= 3000) followed by a ADD_PARTY_TO_LEVEL command, you can see the party comes when the timer reaches 3000 gameturns (150 seconds) Change the 3000 to another number and you're done.

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