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    I am currently playing quest for a hero campaign, Tower Of Power level. Whoever designed this level, rot in hell lol, Who puts a portal next to a hero gate?? So any creatures that come in get automatically slaughtered unless I pick them up real fast and try to train them as quickly as possible..... Any hints here guys?
    One more thing, I would use the lightning spell on the heroes that drop, immediately after they die five or six more will pop up, and it just keeps repeating— No break in between— is that supposed to happen?
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    After about seven minutes of slowly killing them off (with the lightning spell— The only possible way), The game said I have been defeated— But nobody got close to my dungeon heart, what gives?
    Dungeon heart is still there

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    Checking the script, you'll also lose if you don't have any units left.

    Also, from the script I see heroes respawn if you kill them, but your goal is not to kill them but to reach a certain point on the map.

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    So what you’re telling me is it’s basically impossible, because every creature I get immediately dies

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    So I was somehow able to get to the middle of the map ( I booby-trapped the place that’s just north of my dungeon where the heroes keep responding nonstop, I was able to boobytrap that place with a crap load of lightning traps so I was able to focus elsewhere for a bit— I got in the middle of the heroes dungeon and encountered at least two samurais (level 9 I think), but before I knew that I beefed up the samurai settings, I gave him like double health and double defense and what not (shot myself in the foot there lol) but it didn’t say anything about there being a samurai on this level (I did add (add creature to pool samurai), so that I could get some through my portal)
    Which they did.

    It doesn’t say anything else about s samurai and being part of a party)

    Sidenote I completely forgot about ‘ Room requirements’ for creatures, I think that’s why I was having trouble getting one—now I have it set up where he just requires a layer and a training room

    *sigh* back to the drawing board!
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    I never played the level, but it seems you managed.

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    I just beat that level, would’ve been nice if the game would’ve given me a hint on what I needed to do to stop the heroes from coming

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