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    I remember playing one of the levels in the original game, I was scavenging with a creature, I was looking at the enemy dungeon and I think I saw a creature that was being scavenged (it wouldn’t move for a second and then pause for like 2 seconds and then keep repeating (like it was trying to resist it or something), is that right?
    Is there a way to add a scavenging thought-bubble on the creature that is being scavenged so it would be easier to tell?

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    Thought bubbles only go over your own units. When creatures are effected by scavenging they will wander, walk through dungeons without purpose.

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    Can I post a short video or GIF on here?

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    Sure, no problem.

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    Haha, I wasn’t asking permission, I was asking how you do that?

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    Well, just post it. When you post you'll see a toolbar and that includes an option for video and one for pictures. There's a 'Go Advanced' button too.

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    This is what I was talking about

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    What now?

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    im trying to upload a short video, but it wont allow me to upload from my phone, I tried posting a GIF as well, i'll have to transfer it to my computer and try to upload it again

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