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    This is my first serious attempt at making a map. It's nothing fancy, just in the same vein as the original Deeper Dungeons levels, there is a hero dungeon and an enemy keeper to fight as well a few secrets along the way. Can be beaten in around 3 - 4 hours. Might be a bit boring for veteran players but everyone has to start somewhere.

    Requires KeeperFX due to a few lines in the script intended to make the level end how it does. Thanks to YourMaster for answering my scripting questions. Feedback is appreciated.

    Cheers and enjoy!
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    Howdy ! I finished the map, was quite enjoyable. I think you may need to give a bit more starting gold, not much, i was running low a bit before i could really have enought power in term of level in creatures to go get the big pile of gold to the west and maybe make the wizards or the samurai party that comes throught the walls near the dungeon spawn a bit later. Not a must thing to do, i didnt really had issues with both statement here as my creatures could defend and the mistress is op + i used traps to stall gold and kill heroes.

    But for slower and newer player it may be a good idea to prevent them getting overwhelmed by one of this party.

    After you get the gold it's not difficult to get big levels so getting the gems is no problem. I used traps to go faster hehe and prevent casualties. When it comes to blue tho, i think he needs to be a little less powerful or instead red needs a bit more power. I did the levels 3 times while changing strategies, i hardly could defeat him each times in direct combat even with heal spam : the only moment i had an advantage against him is by luring his creatures into boulders + he didnt have mistresses this time. ( i think they are the biggest issue for the fight as most of your creature get kited and killed fast by them)

    Also the fight should leave you with casualties and maybe a lot so if you get weak the last spawns will get you easy : unless your prepared and have traps everywhere ( its pretty much the strategy here i think as the heroes are in big numbers and powerful : could also fight them seperatly but it still should be a bit hard, creatures will get low for the rest) Altho dying, saving and restarting a level to correct errors is normal for the game, i'm pretty sure some players dont do this often and get frustated easely if they need to restart far from where they were. ( Its only a suggestion from me here, what i like to do is put heroes door instead of action points for dangerous spawns so the player can have an idea of where and what will happen so he can think and prepare himself. ) Dont take this to seriously tho : the level was great and fun.

    The only thing i think to really look at is blue's power that's all : the rest is more of quality of life for players. have a nice day

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    I'm playing this, and enjoying it. I haven't encountered the other keeper yet. I lose creatures quite regularly in the battles, and also due to my poor boulder management! I haven't struggled for gold that much.

    Nice level name - how did you choose it?

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    I put it on the workshop with map number 1270:

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