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Thread: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

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    Default KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    Beta period over. See release here.

    Over the last 10 months I've been sharing Alpha versions for KeeperFX 0.4.7 Unofficial. With well over 200 changes, fixes and features, a new release is long overdue. Especially since some of these fixes and features are what I consider absolute must haves. And I'm happy to say, there's quite a big list of people who have contributed to this release, in big or small ways. A big thanks to them, and I hope people will stick around in the future as well. There's a #development channel on the KeeperKlan discord for all that want to join. And this next version will not be known as 'keeperFX Unofficial' anymore. Mefistotelis, who's the original developer, is not planning on coming back and has handed me the keys to the castle. This means this will simply be KeeperFX 0.4.8.

    Unfortunately, being fan-developed, it also means fan-tested. People have had a chance to play with the Alpha builds and report errors, but now it's getting serious. I've made a release candidate, which should include everything from the alphas. If you've seen a bug fixed before, please tell me if it's unfixed in this release candidate. If you submitted a translation, sound, map or anything else, please check to make sure it made it into this release candidate. Same if you reported a bug, and I told you it was fixed, let me know if that's still the case. If you play the original campaign or some other levels with this version, and it plays fine, please comment and let me know that somebody tried it.

    When trying the beta, please do a clean install.
    Download it here.

    To see the full change list, look here.
    Some of the highlights:
    • No more random crashes/hangs on complex dungeon layouts
    • Keepers design better dungeons
    • Keepers don't keep Call to Arms on forever anymore
    • Keepers will now use all their spells
    • Keepers will start to sell traps/doors instead of filling up the entire map with workshops
    • Imps will walk to unexplored tiles if you tell them to dig it
    • Tunnelers don't get stuck as often anymore, and may get unstuck when they do.
    • Units getting happy and angry now works properly
    • Melee units will use their spells from a distance (e.g. put up rebound when getting shot at, not only when in melee range)
    • Redesigned Fear implementation
    • Units may now sleep and eat during Call to Arms if they are about to die
    • Word of Power trap redesigned
    • A lot more configuration options for campaign makers and modders
    • New controls. (see here)
    • Far more options for mapmakers, through level script commands. (see here)
    • The game can now be fully played in Korean
    • Two new campaigns included with the game (Assmist Isle and Revenge of the Lord), others have fixes and updates.

    Once again, if you find that these, or any of the other changes in this release do not work well, are no fun, have bugs or something else wrong with them, please let me know.

    Download it here.

    Beta period over. See release here.
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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    This is huge, congrats

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    Great, I look forward to make some maps with the new commands.
    Have you thought about removing some really bad campaigns? I remember a few years ago I downloaded keeperfx and played one of them and got so bored of DK because of that. Perhaps less is more in this case

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    I have thought about it, and I share your opinion that several of the included campaigns are bad to really bad. However, I do see some people here playing and enjoying them. Likewise, there some good, but very hard campaigns that will also put people off because it's so far out of their league.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    Korean works well. Thank you~

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    Quote Originally Posted by mu mu View Post
    Korean works well. Thank you~
    That's cool. How many campaigns have Korean translations?

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    Just the original and the interface.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    How often do Tunnellers un-stick themselves after they do get stuck?

    The two tunnellers in the middle of this map stayed there the entire level.
    Is it just RNG?
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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    I don't know why these don't move, but they aren't 'stuck' the way they are usually stuck. If you want to see tunnelers get 'unstuck', launch level 17 of the original campaign, claim the heart, reinforce your entire dungeon and do frameskip until tunnelers clear out the map. Before they would get stuck in blocks, now they get unstuck after a short wile.
    I determine they are stuck by seeing if they try to dig the same distance 150 times, and if they do, I 'reset' them if you will. When that happens you see this in the log:
    Error: creature_tunnel_to: creature TUNNELLER index 373 stuck - attempt 1 to dislodge
    In your map I see them twitching, so perhaps he's stuck but not doing the same thing every time.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX 0.4.8 Release Candidate

    I failed to boot in Unofficial 0.48 in my WinXP vm.
    Log message says:
    LbScreenInitialize: SDL init: No available video device

    please tell me how to fix it.
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