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    Default Campaign flags

    I've been thinking about these.

    I assume they are specific to each campaign? If anyone wanted to play that campaign again, would the flags be reset? Or should that be done in the script for the last level win condition?

    I was wondering whether to use campaign flags to make a second run through of a campaign different to the first? Maybe even force a re-visit to an earlier level to progress?


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    The values are stored in the save-game. So load an earlier save or restart the campaign and you'll lose the value. It's not about making a second play through different than the first, but about linking later levels to the early levels. This can make the entire run play out differently of course, if a decision you make in the first level impacts all the future levels, the player can choose a different path on the second playthrough.

    Also, what's great is for secret levels. Try the NG+ campaign in 0.4.8 and notice that you can only transfer each unit once from a secret level.

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