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Thread: Proper AI usage of thieves

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    Default Proper AI usage of thieves

    I suppose this is more of a request than a question, since I doubt that what I'd like to make is currently possible. I'd like if you could make thieves that are controlled by AI players beeline for the other keeper's Dungeon Heart. As far as I know, they can currently only do that if they're controlled by White, right? Give them maybe a 50% chance that when an AI keeper's thief reaches level 10, it will sneak towards the enemy's dungeon heart if a path is available. So half of them end up as knights and the others as assassins. Would be awesome if creating that in a map is possible.
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    What you can do, is change the owner of (some) blue thieves to white, and make sure that blue and white are allies. You'd get the same effect.

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    Then they wouldn't have a home to return to. Ideally, the computer will pick up the thief and save him if he gets discovered. I also intend to make Lava Traps available in my map, which could leave the thief without a path to the dungeon heart once triggered.

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    It's sub-optimal for sure. But making it possible to do exactly what you ask here, seems beyond manageable. I guess you could make them blue again on some condition. If you make them change owners depending on where they walk, who knows what you could still accomplish.

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    Well, I think something like that would be possible, if you put in your script, that an AI dungeon's creatures spawns at the players dungeon hearth.
    Not sure if it will work with digging, but once an AI player discovers the Player_0's dungeon hearth, Vampires teleport there, in order to attack the Dungeon Hearth. This occurs in level 20 in the original map.
    This is only possible, if the enemy AI hasn't discovered the Dungeon hearth yet.
    AI attacks the first time the enemies Dungeon Hearth is revealed.

    For as far to level 10 thieves, a script could trigger, once the AI dungeon evolved 1 Knight, from a trained thief.
    Assuming that other thieves in that Dungeon will than be at level 10, once 1 knight was created from training.

    These thieves won't use the invisible spell though.
    You may thy to spawn one thief from script to steal gold or spells, from that dungeon, once 1 knight is achieved by training, to try and get thieves invisible.

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