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Thread: Flag values?

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    Default Flag values?

    Do flags hold separate values for each player? E.g. if I write SET_FLAG(PLAYER0,FLAG0,1) will FLAG0 then only be set to 1 for red keeper? Otherwise 8 flags isn't much to work with, although I could still make my map work, but it changes things.
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    Yes, changing the value for a flag with a specific player does not change the value of a flag of the same number that is assigned to another player.
    So in your example this will not affect PLAYER1 FLAG0´s values.
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    Default Re: Flag values?

    In fact, the flags are unrelated to the players. player0,flag1 can be used just as well for player 3. And the campaign_flags can be used as well, they work the same way and are again separate from the flags.

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