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    Default Imp Experience Patch Keeper FX

    I have been searching for this patch that according to the dungeon keeper wiki, exists its supposed to make imps get exp from working like in dungeon keeper 2, i would love to have this patch but i can find it anybody knew where it is/how to activate it within keeper FX
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    Edit fxdata/rules.cfg to enable experience gain from Imp's working:

    Find the line that says:
    ImpWorkExperience = 0
    and change it to something else, it is recommended to use:
    ImpWorkExperience = 300

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    Default Re: Imp Experience Patch Keeper FX

    What Ed says is correct. And there's no 'patch' needed anymore, the option can be enabled in version 0.4.8 of keeperfx.

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    Thank you very much, the info on the wiki wasnt clear and i just oculdnt find it myself

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