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    Hi all,

    Weird to talk to you all, since I have literally known of Keeper Klan's existence for well over 3/4th of my life. I'm here to basically beg for any information or images you have from the very old, very defunct site "Fizzban's Keep". I adored that site when I was very young (it was the first website I ever used) and a huge wave of nostalgia hit me recently, especially for the logo of the keep itself. For those who don't know, Fizzban's Keep was a DK1 forum and fansite in the old style of fansites, when no one had any real idea what they were supposed to be and so they were wonderfully weird, almost roleplaying (I actually came to the realization later than FIzzban's Keep was likely a dragonlance fansite as well at one point, given the name).

    Anyway, any information, saved files on the harddrives of old gamers or downloads of the site itself would be so appreciated. I'd love to see it again, and if you can find some files, I'll host them up for everyone.


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    He was never interested in keeping old records. Everything was deleted on the jump to DK2, and that was also removed on the next jump.

    I only kept copies of old Syndicate sites:

    For DK, I didn't kept much.

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    Impressive you kept as much as you did! I guess you knew the guy who ran Fizzban? I remember as his site was going down it had a link to download the things, and I did, but that harddrive is likely lost to time I fear.

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    Do you remember the url? It's a long shot, but if you do, you can try the Wayback Machine.

    Edit: I found it:

    That appears to be all that's left of it on the web .
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    Yes, I found that too. Sadly no pictures, specifically no site logo. Thanks for trying though.

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