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Thread: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.4.9

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.4.9

    Just dropping by to thank YourMaster for his hard work and unending dedication. Thank you.

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2515

    New update: Alpha 2515.

    Lots of changes and fixes this time. The release comes with a new keeperfx.cfg, so you'll have to reconfigure your screen resolution.
    I strongly advice to set your menu and movies resolution the same as your ingame resolution. Edit keeperfx.cfg with a text editor to use the new settings or read more about them.

    What's new:

    • Fixed a bug introduced recently that makes spellbooks jump around, sometimes into oblivion
    • Fixed -altinput command line option to now work great. Try it.
    • It's now possible for users to add their own custom sprites to use on objects.
    • Several new settings related to windowed mode in keeperfx.cfg:
      - LOCK_CURSOR_IN_POSSESSION (on altinput)
    • Level script changes, lots of em!
      - Renamed USE_POWER_AT_SUBTILE to USE_POWER_AT_POS, to match other command names.
      - Added: CREATE_EFFECT([effect name or number],[location])
      - Added: CREATE_EFFECT_AT_POS([effect name or number],[x],[y])
      - Changed BONUS_LEVEL_TIME([turns],[clocktime]*) to accept a variable to see hours/minutes.
      - Added DISPLAY_TIMER([player], [timer], [clocktime]*) and HIDE_TIMER
      - Added DISPLAY_COUNTDOWN([player], [timer], [target turn], [clocktime]*)
      - Added ADD_TO_TIMER([player], [timer], [turns])
      - Added DISPLAY_VARIABLE([player], [variable], [target]*, [target_type]*) and HIDE_VARIABLE
      - Added ADD_BONUS_TIME([turns])
      - Added BONUS_TIME variable
      - AT_ACTION_POINT criterion will take random unit at action point, not closest player0 unit first.
      - SET_OBJECT_CONFIGURATION can now be used to change unit sprite to custom sprite, and rotate the custom sprite direction.
      - Fixed CAST_SPELL_ON_CREATURE to accept AT_ACTION_POINT criterion.
      - Fixed AT_ACTION_POINT criterion to have the proper range.
    • It's possible to set different map icons for objects through objects.cfg or
    • Computer Player 0 will now convert units. So, on campaigns.
      - Made an exception on lvl15 to keep the knight alive
      - Morkardar even has imprisonment computer check disabled to stop idiot blue from killing himself
      - Cleaned up some campaign levels so the AI makes it's own decisions on imprisonment.
    • Room health will no longer reset on any neighboring slab change.
    • Allowed capital letters in savegame names.
    Last edited by YourMaster; October 31st, 2021 at 00:08.

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2520

    New update: Alpha 2520.

    Just emergency fixes this time, for recently introduced bugs. More bugs to be expected, so please report anything you find.

    What's new:

    • Computer assigns units to rooms again
    • Gold is absorbed by treasure rooms again
    • No more 'room lost' notifications when you sell a room

    Another update: Alpha 2522. Again for recent bugs.

    • It's no longer possible to build/claim treasure rooms below Archers and Knights to eat them.
    • Room health now properly grows along with room size.
    Last edited by YourMaster; November 9th, 2021 at 15:07.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2483

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    The alpha has a 'map packs' feature, that hold free levels that are not connected. Now, you cannot accidentally - or on purpose - transfer units or set script commands between unrelated levels.
    In campaigns the script flags and transfers still work.
    Is this an option that can be turn back on easily?eg using the classic bugs in rules?

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2483

    Quote Originally Posted by shortmicky View Post
    Is this an option that can be turn back on easily?eg using the classic bugs in rules?
    No, but if you want to cheat, you can easily add whatever unit into your levels.
    This is an easy way to do so:

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2471

    Okay. Well I just won’t continue updating the game.
    thanks for all your work on the game.

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2528

    New update: Alpha 2528.

    Another important fix to a recent bug, this time some important new fixes and features too. Pathfinding finally seems completely functional, no matter how complex the map.

    What's new:

    • Fixed recent 'filter' bug causing all kind of weird behavior, like units stuck in 'Call to Arms' or imps leaving through the portal.
    • Pathfinding limitations fixed. Now units will not bug out on playing complex maps. Stops a potential crash here too. Trotim fix on custom maps no longer needed.
    • Computer players will now break down enemy doors they find.
    • Fixed SET_SLAB_TYPE script command to not fail on changing single-tiled rooms.
    • Fixed mentor not speaking up when you can't afford a room

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2541

    New update: Alpha 2541.

    Still slowly making it through the bugs we introduced, most likely still not done.

    What's new:

    • Fixed recent bug causing units to not find their bed anymore. So getting stuck when fleeing or making extra beds when assigned too.
    • Computer Players no longer drop their prisoners into battles
    • Fixed bug that caused custom sprites to be gone on game restart.
    • Fixed game crashes when mapmaker modifies a undefined computer player
    • 'MOVE CREATURE TO TRAINING' has been fixed so the AI no longer forgets which room he was gonna assign to
    • Level script changes:
      - New command 'SET_CREATURE_CONFIGURATION ([creature],[attribute],[value])', which sets all unit properties from the [attribute] field
      - DungeonHeartHealth added as rule to SET_GAME_RULE. It sets the max health of the Dungeon Heart
      - SET_HEART_HEALTH and ADD_HEART_HEALTH now clearly work as 'current health' compared to max health.
      - Prevented these last two commands from overflowing into negative values.
    • Fortifying next to a bridge/door slab now places a wall in the corner too
    • French translation tweaks
    • Cheat mode allows you to be more specific in placing wall tiles

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2550

    New update: Alpha 2550.

    Today some fixes and features that help mapmakers out. Enjoy.

    What's new:

    • Fixed a bug that 'forgot' custom traps on game restart
    • Fixed a bug that broke counts on custom traps
    • Corner walls are now turned to dirt when the rest of the walls are turned to dirt too
    • Stopped compression of some files. Adds a few MB, but makes it easier to write custom tools on FX
    • Level script changes:
      - New command `HEART_LOST_OBJECTIVE(​[a],​[location])` which sets an objective for when you lose your dungeon heart
      - New command `HEART_LOST_QUICK_OBJECTIVE(​[a],​["message"],[location])` which sets a quick objective for when you lose your dungeon heart
    • Used the HEART_LOST_OBJECTIVE on level 20 of the original campaign to show the Objective message that did not display when you lost your heart
    • Chinese translation tweaks
    • Added new Fern decorative object, mapmakers can place.
    • Added 'Vine_Torch' custom sprite, that mapmakers could use on custom maps.

    Last edited by YourMaster; December 8th, 2021 at 15:03.

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2557

    New update: Alpha 2557.

    Here's a Christmas present for all of you.

    What's new:

    • Custom icon support
    • Fixed bug where custom traps were gone after restart
    • Object light properties are moved to the config and can now be configured
    • Made sure all Object properties can be configured with SET_OBJECT_CONFIGURATION
    • DOOR/TRAP_AVAILABLE can now be set back to 0
    • A lot of shot properties moved to magic.cfg
    • Tweaks to texture packs 8 and 9
    • Now I actually included the custom sprites in the package
    • Arrows shot from traps or rebound no longer slide along walls

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