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Thread: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.4.9

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2720

    I hope the screenshots clear things up regarding what I meant.

    Screenshot 00000 is the default minimap distance, 00001 is the corresponding map view. This is too far zoomed in.

    When I press ''-'' 2 times I get the view of screenshot 00002. But then the minimap also changes like in shot 00003.

    So the main map view should be zoomed out at least 2 or maybe 3 times without zooming out the mini map.
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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2720

    I understood exactly what you meant the first time.

    Top left small map visible during normal gameplay: Minimap
    Press M you get a big map: Map, or Parchment map.
    On the Map, below your cursor there's a square window showing you the creature icons and stuff: Zoombox

    Originally: Minimap could be zoomed with the buttons next to it, or with the + and - keys.
    Now: Both the minimap AND the zoombox can be zoomed. The zoombox just witht he + and - keys.

    The zoom levels are linked though, and linked in the middle. I let you know, in case you were unaware, that you can change the zoom level of the zoombox directly at the mapview if you are unhappy with the zoom-level there. But indeed, you would need to turn it back each time for the minimap.
    Zooming the zoombox out more is hardly useful, as then at the max zoomout level, it would be as zoomed out or more as the mapscreen itself.
    I many people dislike the current link I could 'simply' try to disconnect them.

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2735

    New update: Alpha 2735.

    Hurried release, since the previous alpha had a new annoying bug.

    What's new:

    • Fixed turning left in possession stuttering on fast movement
    • Fixed health flowers becoming huge in straight view
    • Fixed custom icons for creature portraits being gone on reload
    • Creatures now keep proper track of missed paydays
      - Fixes an issue of horny taking infinite gold on when angry due to missed pay
      - Fixes issue where units took several paydays to make themselves happy
      - Fixes issue where mentor kept complaining about unpaid units even though everybody was paid
      - Units will go and collect back pay when there's enough gold in treasure room to back pay all units
      - Players can now 'just' pay a creature 127 paydays in advance, compared to 255 before.
    • Level script updates:
      - new command: USE_SPECIAL_TRANSFER_CREATURE([player]) command
      - new command: TRANSFER_CREATURE([player],[creature],[criterion],[count]*)
      - new variable: CREATURES_TRANSFERRED
      - CREATURES_SCAVENGED_GAINED now returns the correct value
      - Script flags now accept a huge range of values, including negative.
      - Stopped log warnings appearing when optional variables were not used
    • Multiple units can be transferred per level now
    • Fixed the dragon->vampire secret level in the original and NG+ campaigns to work with neutral prisoners
    • Fixed teleporting units breaking packets/multiplayer
    • Fixed roaming heroes not attacking disconnected dungeons. (Like the first undivine dungeons map)
    • Mentor does not mention making a skeleton when it fails to appear due to creature limit
    • Fixed gold hoards placed by map editor giving too much gold if placed in inefficient treasure room

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.4.9

    New update: Alpha 2742.

    Just a few changes today, but they handle feedback received.

    What's new:

    • Fixed clicking and dropping position for minimap. (was a scaling issue).
    • Chat messages now have a target player.
    • Fixed some possession functions for multiplayer/packets.
    • Mood icons updated:
      - Mad Psycho units show 'Mad Psycho' mood icon (so when horny is killing friendly units)
      - Units angry from lack of salary that have since been paid, no longer show the 'get payday' mood icon
    • Fixed bug where too few workers could work in workshop when there was nothing to produce anyway
    • Workers in 1-tile workshop now move around too

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2750

    New update: Alpha 2750.

    What's new:

    • Added texture pack 12: 'Lava Cavern'
      - It's a very dark tileset, best used as a secondary texture
    • Fixed imps teleporting with spellbooks
    • Imps that drag spellbooks no longer moonwalk, but properly drag
    • Dragged objects are dragged behind the unit, not inside the unit.
    • what's this, the avatars body has vanished?
      - lvl20 and ng+20 now has first avatar corpse disappear with an effect as mentor has always said
      - added 'CORPSEVANISHEFFECT' property to SET_CREATURE_CONFIGURATION script command
    • Potential fix for issue where turning in possession does not work
    • CREATE_EFFECTS_LINE script command now correctly works on longer distances
    • Stopped crates preplaced in workshop from jumping around
    • Job stress and going postal now works on Workshops, Guard Posts and Training rooms too
      - By default this is not used, configuration option for modders and campaign makers
    • Improvements in dutch translations

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2753

    New update: Alpha 2753.

    Tiny update this time, not for lack of progress to the game, but to make sure to not introduce new bugs before a release.

    What's new:

    • Fixed a no-turning-in-possession bug for sure this time
    • Fixed a bug with map specific custom icons/sprites not loading on reload
    • Added some cursors for potential custom traps

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2753

    New update: Beta 2758.
    I'm done with the alpha's for 0.4.9, so head over the the other topic and try the Release Candidate. You want a clean install to make sure I did not miss anything. If you insist on overwriting your old alpha folder, be sure to delete your save/settings.dat file, or you will experience crashes.

    What's new:

    • Updated German strings to not be all-caps in the menu
    • Fixed a no-turning-in-possession bug for sure for sure pinky-swear this time
      - Reworked the instance-cheat menu for this
    • Custom sprites over 128x128 pixels no longer crash the game
    • There's now a zoom-key to zoom to portals
      - Ctrl+P by default, but feel free to change it inside the define keys menu
    • Improved launcher that has better tooltips and removed a non-functional setting
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