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Thread: DK2 soundtrack release on CD and vinyl?

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    Default DK2 soundtrack release on CD and vinyl?

    Hi everyone,

    As per my introduction, I'm Mark Knight and I wrote the soundtrack to DK2 which some love, and some hate.

    Anyway, I still have the CD quality masters of the OST and I'm looking in to doing a proper album release of all the tracks. As you know, which I only found out quite recently, the 3rd track, which I consider the best, never made it in to the game. I have no idea why as no-one mentioned it to me...

    Anyway, since the game's audio isn't full quality, and all the uploads to YouTube will have been from mp3's I used to host on my Gamesounds website, I think it's about time I got the original recordings professionally mastered and duplicated on to both CD and vinyl.

    It's not going to be the cheapest process, but I just wanted to see if there was any interest from the fanbase in something like this?

    Cheers for now,


    PS. The plan is to release digitally anyway, but it's the CD/vinyl idea I'm not so sure about because of the costs involved in producing them.
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    Default Re: DK2 soundtrack release on CD and vinyl?

    I'm very interested in hearing this cut music track. Assuming it's not already on the game disc, and merely unused?

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    Default Re: DK2 soundtrack release on CD and vinyl?

    I'd definitely buy a DK2 soundtrack CD. An entire new long lost track sounds fascinating

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