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Thread: How do I best show my appreciation for KeeperFX/KeeperKlan?

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    Thumbs up How do I best show my appreciation for KeeperFX/KeeperKlan?

    I know there's a donate button, but...

    Dungeon Keeper [1] is probably my PC game - it's just a fantastic, atmospheric, and fun game - one that I grew up on, and can say helped define my younger years. The sequel is good enough in it's own right, but it's simply not the first game. I played the GOG version, but it had enough unsatisfactory with it, that I simply had to re-order a DK1 disc (my original version got scratched with use/time! [I've still got my original DK1 manual around here somewhere...]).

    So imagine my surprise after finding KeeperFX, and KeeperKlan in general - supporting this game on later systems; as well as tons of minor improvements and bug fixes here and there - while retaining the game's integrity across the board. It's exactly the tribute and legacy such a great game deserves.

    I'll probably lurk, if ever visit the forums much at all - but I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work, and community efforts; that have gone into maintaining this game. I'm currently replaying through the campaign on the "New Game +" mode, and it's so far everything I wanted - the original campaign, but with the challenges I remember (ie: when I was a newer player to the game).

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    You're welcome.

    And you should come back now and then. KeeperFX is still in development, and hopefully every new version will have new fixes and improvements. If you see the current alpha's, there's the (work in progress) 1-click-build feature that allows you to build entire dungeons with just a few clicks. And more.
    People playing that and providing feedback is useful for further development.

    There's also the discord server, still buzzing with activity, feel free to join there:
    Even if you'll just lurk, you'll learn a thing or 2 about the game you probably did not know yet.

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    Default Re: How do I best show my appreciation for KeeperFX/KeeperKlan?

    Always nice to see more old fans show up! Glad you like the mod

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