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    Default Maps by LordOftheLand

    Map: Polar nights

    A map with unusual game mechanics.


    Keeper, we have a cold mission for you. Snow and freezing ice have covered that ground. You have to go to the North Pole and conquer it. The snow fairies will help you on this mission. Good luck, Keeper!

    Main Objective:
    Capture the North Pole (the area with the banner).


    1) A special spell will help you destroy the dangerous freezing ice.
    2) Creatures and spells are hidden everywhere.
    3) Bring fire to the little salamanders and they will reveal the secret to you.
    4) Bring 4 diamonds to the lord's altar to open the secret passage.
    5) Find the mechanism and throw it on the highlighted square to create a bridge.
    6) Destroy the 4 Eskimos camps. The 4 polar stars open the way to the North Pole.
    7) Find the keys to the Horny's prison. The Prince of Heroes knows where they are.

    Version 1.7:

    Polar Nights.7z
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