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Thread: CDD number on Dungeon Keeper disc underside?

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    Default CDD number on Dungeon Keeper disc underside?


    I was wondering if people in the U.K who own the original Dungeon keeper on disc could tell me the 'CDDxxxxx' number on the underside of their disc and whether it comes from a big box original copy or the later released Dungeon keeper collectors edition (i.e this:

    I have Aspergers and am obsessed with the fact that I may have had a box for an original release of Dungeon Keeper mismatched with a disc from a collectors edition for years. I have asked a couple of Ebay sellers of big box copies of Dungeon Keeper who both say their discs are labeled with the same, but a different 'CDDxxxxx' number to mine.
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    Default Re: CDD number on Dungeon Keeper disc underside?

    I have an original Dungeon Keeper disc and an original Deeper Dungeons disc. Both the discs and the jewel cases (well, their covers) look exactly like the ones you linked to, but I can't remember whether they were from a collector's edition as we threw the box out yonks ago (assuming we ever had one in the first place). However, I also have the goodies disc, so they may well have been.

    The Dungeon Keeper disc has CDD18930 and the Deeper Dungeons disc doesn't have a CDD code.
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    Default Re: CDD number on Dungeon Keeper disc underside?

    Thanks for the response.

    I got a bunch more replies from Ebay sellers of the original boxed release (i.e sellers that were selling the game with the box) and all but one have the same 'CDD16471' number as the other two Ebay sellers I mentioned above; one seller came back to me saying the same 'CD18630' number as my disc (I can't confirm the origin of my disc, as I used to own a boxed copy and a loose disc copy of the game).

    I wonder if 'CD18630' is a later print that was used in the last big box copies and also, thanks to your information, seemingly the collectors edition?

    I wonder if there are any differences in the contents on the disc and why there are two CDDxxxxx variants out there?

    I guess I'm requesting more responses to confirm more?
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