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    Hi guys, I am a big fan of DK and I am currently playing Keeperfx and trying out some maps which were created by people....

    So, I place the map files into the "levels" folder thats all right and I can start the map, but the problem is the creatures do not spawn.

    The Map creator said the map pack comes with a creatures.txt ..all good...but where do I put that txt file for the creatures..into the same folder where I put the map folder?

    I did not find any Creatures.txt which I could replace by the the new one.-.. so I am kinda clueless

    Please help

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    Which map are you playing, and which version of KeeperFX do you have?

    In any case, the creature.txt is only for Dungeon Keeper, KeeperFX does not use the creature.txt anymore.

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    I downloded Keeperfx from the official site 2 weeks ago- not sure which version..the newest one I think

    the map I tried to play is this :

    still not working for me.

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    I checked the level script, and you are correct. Without a modified creature.txt, this levels seems unplayable. The only units you can get are:
    So you need fancy rooms to get your first unit to spawn.

    Best simply try another map.

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