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    Default Would this be possible

    Within the fxdata folder in the creature.cfg and in the creaure specific files there are lines about the experience and jobs the perform:

    ; Percentage of creature pay increase for every experience level
    PayIncreaseOnExp = 35
    ; Percentage of creature training cost increase for every experience level
    TrainingCostIncreaseOnExp = 35

    And in the archer.cfg
    PrimaryJobs = MANUFACTURE
    SecondaryJobs = GUARD
    NotDoJobs =
    StressfulJobs =
    TrainingValue = 2
    TrainingCost = 8
    ScavengeValue = 2
    ScavengerCost = 8
    ResearchValue = 2
    ManufactureValue = 2
    ResearchCost = 10
    ManufactureCost = 25
    GuardpostCost = 5

    And perhaps they could gain experience for doing those jobs, like imps can get experience for digging, claiming and mining.
    ImpWorkExperience = 100
    CreatureResearchExperience = 100
    CreatureManufactureExperience = 100
    CreatureGuardExperience = 100

    Would the red colored text be possible to implement in the game?
    So that when creatures are researching, manufacturing or guarding it cost gold and they gain experience like when they are Training or Scavenging.

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    It would be possible yes, but I'm not going to. It's quite a bit of work, and I don't see that much value in those to make it worth it for me.

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