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Thread: Problems to Start dungeon keeper fx

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    Unhappy Problems to Start dungeon keeper fx

    hello i have dungeon keeper gog version on my pc and it works. now i downloaded keeperfx and followed the steps i can't start the game but i get this error message. error in source LbBullfrogMain: 2 - Setting up game failed

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    Default Re: Problems to Start dungeon keeper fx

    Hi Nico,

    You probably did not follow all the steps. Summary:

    1) Download KeeperFX complete version
    2) Extract it someplace nice, e.g. D:\Games\KeeperFX
    3) Run launcher.exe, click install and point it towards where you installed the gog version
    4) Press 'Start Game'.

    This is it. Full instructions here, but the above really is enough.
    If it still does not work with these instructions, please share your keeperfx.log (found in that folder from step 2). You can also join the discord server and ask in #tech-support so we'll help you out.

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