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Thread: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

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    Question question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    Hello, I am a newbie on the forum, I will go directly to the main content:

    1. I would like to add a new creature. I know it is formally impossible, but it can be replaced by other one. I was thinking about using floating spirit. Has anyone done something like this before? or maybe someone could share it? I will gladly adopt this creature to my dungeon I'm thinking about new kind of hero

    1.1. is it possible renaming creature? I mean for example change "demon spawn" to "spawn", especially in information about coming new creature, and generally in whole game

    2. I would also like to restore the functionality of the grenade . I know there was talk about it in the forum and I also know that due to the mechanics of this spell it is not castable by creature and is only available from the fps perspective. I also know that changing this mechanics (mainly push effect, od whatever it is called) could deprive some user campaigns of the possibility of playability (I associate the map with the gold push with this method). I tried to replace the grenade with the lizard and/or missile spell, but it failed, i.e. when I swapped it, the creature was shooting missile instead of grenade. Im probably doing something wrong, but never mind. Could someone share a file that would cause creatures to throw/shoot a grenade (grenade sprite ) but act identically to a missile (a simple projectile with no bounce and no area effect) and that the creature panel (query) has a grenade graphic , and not a missile/lizard?

    2.1. question about icon of time bomb spell - why before casting time bomb icon of this spell is hourglass, but after casting (and during loading) icon is changed to aim icon? can you fix it?

    3. I saw someone adding new traps:

    I kindly ask if someone could share them? I'd be interested in an arrow trap (which would be the basic damage trap before of a poison gas trap ), and some others, but not to be too op (e.g. meteor trap is too powerful, of course it is only my opinion, maybe a navigating missile or a simple missile would be okay?). I was also thinking of wind trap and neutral-wall door (is it correct name?) that would of course have to be destroyed with a spell. The icon for this door would, of course, be the wall destruction icon. Is it to be do? (I'm not asking about game balance, but about the technical matter of modding).

    Before there is a dispute, I would just like to mention that I am a new user and I'm no expert in modding dk/dkfx. I am a regular player who came back to the game after several years of playing. At the same time, I would like to thank and congratulate all of you - thank god for dkfx! - you don't know how much it means for me to come back to this game and watch the dk community grow!

    andrewpol - I'm from Poland and maybe my english is not the best, but I'm trying
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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    Welcome Anpio:

    1) You cannot replace the floating spirit. Perhaps it would be possible to add totally new creatures at some point, but this capability is not added as of yet because nobody ever made a creature. You need to make the sprites for it, which is a lot of work.
    1.1) Yes, but not easily. You'd have to replace the texts in the text source files, then bake a new polish .bat file for it.

    2) I already did this. I made it another spell though. Give one of your creatures the LIZARD spell and find out. It is the grenade one.
    2.1) This spell is simply not finished, and there's not an icon for it. It is supposed to turn units into kamikazee bombers.

    3) You can tweak traps yourself, or add them to your choosing. Open fxdata\trapdoor.cfg with notepad or another text editor. The first trap is commented explaining how to do it. If you need help after that, feel free to ask.

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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    thanks for attention

    1. a bit disappointing but I understand it has to be that way

    1.1 I think it will be too much for me, it's hard

    2.I changed imp's hand2hand and he didn't fight other imps with these grenades , in the possession mode you could use grenades but they were grenades known from vanilla (bouncing and explode), that's not what I meant

    2.1. it's a pity, but I will survive

    3. with traps / doors it works by replacing the current traps or can you add completely new traps (e.g. next to those made of vanilla, completely new traps that I will come up with)? if you can add completely new traps, I wonder how it would work from the player's point of view in the trap panel - how to define where the trap will be displayed in the panel - the point is that known traps have assigned slots, e.g. the door is the third line (if I remember correctly), boulder trap is in line two, how will it look with the newly added traps?

    I found this one - PanelTabIndex, sorry for time wasting
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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    2. Sorry, I should have read better. Basically what you want is to still have the missile spell, but make it look like the grenade?

    Then edit magic.cfg, go to [shot9] and change the first 2 lines to:
    Animation = 924
    AnimationSize = 196

    3) Yes, right. Just don't use duplicate panels on a map and you'll be all right.
    Now units that shoot missile, will have them look like the grenade-lizard.

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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    1.1. its done, it is much easier than I initially thought.

    3. I am interested in replacing the lava trap (which I consider weak, practically useful in the fight against heroes to isolate them, but never mind) with such a trap as shown here :

    aside from the fact that its range is probably too long, it looks nice and it would the term "lava" trap. However, I do not know what to fill in effecttype, some hint? where to look for it? How to set amount of damage?

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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    I modified the Flame breath spell for it to work like that in the video, so with that code, dragons would also have this huge flame-breath. Custom traps may use keeper or creature spells, but then you cannot change the damage without also changing it for the keeper/creature.

    For flame breath without testing, I think it would be:
    TriggerType = 3
    ActivationType = 5
    EffectType = 7

    Because shot7 is the flame breath in magic.cfg

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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    when I changed lava trap, strange things happen: the flame (from flame breath ) work as if it is only aiming north (even though the monster came from the east), and it doesn't shoot a steady stream, and something strange happens at all. This is probably because I am editing this specific trap - lava trap.
    I set the same values as for the ligtning trap, expecting it to work in the same way, but no, I tried with other spells (maybe flame breath is not right), changed to freeze or meteor and the same unsatisfactory effect (or without any effect)
    And I don't understand why originally (in vanilla) lava trap effect was assigned drain spell , any ideas?

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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    The lava trap was never assigned the drain spell. In that case it's not looking at the spell-number but the slab number from terrain.cfg. That's what the earlier number does.

    But I remember that issue indeed. Flame breath gets pointed 'straight ahead' when it cannot target a unit, which looks bad on a trap (but normal on a dragon) so that's why I increased the range for the demo-trap in the video.
    Freeze/meteor traps should work, how did they fail for you?

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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    modifying the lava trap to freeze/meteor (and probably others) did not work for me (without freezing, but with meteor effect - only collapse effect with claimed area, or something like this, some like ring of smoke, I checked these on multiplayer map), but when I modified posion/ligtning trap - no problems (I made a few mistakes before, my fail). Maybe I started playing with modding from wrong trap?
    But lava trap is weak trap, weaker than lightning trap - btw, what do you think about lava trap application? one-time effect, minimal damage when creature stepped on a lava, no reuse of this area (for example for next trap), etc. Only one advantage is that heroes can be cut off from your dungeon (as long as you are not attacked by fairy of priestess with flying of course). Yes, lava trap can be a game-changer in campaign, but overall - only the alarm trap is worse than lava trap.
    I am thinking about a changing lava trap but now I understand that this trap has only one function - change to other terrain. I wonder what would happen if the lava trap turned into a door (since its effect is a change of terrain), but what's the point? expect that is it temporarily invisible doors?
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    Default Re: question about making my-gently-dream come true - little modification

    You need to modify both the TriggerType, ActivationType AND EffectType. Actually, you need to change basically all the stats on a trap, but you can make it do anything you want. The trap is nothing more than the settings there. Trap0 in trapdoor.cfg explains what all the options do.

    The lava trap is the strongest trap in the game. It creates a barrier your enemies cannot cross but you can bridge it. Put a single lava trap in a corridor, and you're save from hero invasions, and enemy keepers don't know how to handle lava traps either.

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