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    Another promising dungeon keeper inspired game in the development.
    I saw it by chance on youtube.

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    Hopefully it'll be a good game, even though at first glance having copy and pasted creature descriptions from other games. The ghost is where I noticed it eventually because it mentions how it cannot pass through doors even though the manual says it can; what manual? The Dungeon Keeper one, of course, because that line was lifted from the DK wiki. The troll is from Age of Wonders etc.

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    This is a real iffy website yes. I know the Lords of Nether people also had contact with this dude. I believe he also 'borrowed' a lot of stuff from their website, which LoN asked to remove. All very iffy stuff to say the least, so be sure to not put in money on this project until there's proof of an actual product to buy.

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    The home page is gone. Work may have stopped after not reaching the Kickstarters goal?

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    I dont like it((

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