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Thread: Editor Change Not Showing (Newbie Question)

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    Default Editor Change Not Showing (Newbie Question)

    I *know* I must be missing something here ...

    I installed KeeperFX and the Official editor, and made a very small change to one level (added a creature), saved and exited. To make sure I did it correctly, I copied the level files to the KeeperFX Levels folder. Then I went into the game, to that level and tried to run it.

    The creature isn't there. If I go back into the editor, it shows the creature.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    You're not playing the level you edited.

    Which step you screwed up I can't tell you. Either you did not take the new map, or you're not playing the map you pasted. Another option is you loaded a save(and the level as is is stored in the save).
    Check the file date of the map files.

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