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When I sacrifice the princes in the temple, I can still play for about 1-3 minutes. Then the enemies attack and the game crashes.

Any idea?
Yes, at this moment there can often be a departure, the reason for this is a heavy load on the map, the 20th level is the largest level, there are a very large number of creatures on it, after you drop 3 princes into the temple, passages open at this moment a bunch of actions occur, the blue player begins to attack, the green one the player can start an attack, the heroes come out of 5 gates at this moment, a couple of packs go to green, the rest go to red, there are too many movements of the heroes on the map, I tried to fix it did not work properly, all I can advise, at the moment of opening the passage, put the speed of the game at the very minimum and try not to act much yourself, wait for the approach of enemy creatures, well, just a lot of attempts with the launch of this moment. Everything works for me on the first try and without crashes.