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Thread: Lushmeadow - Revisited/NG+

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    Default Lushmeadow - Revisited/NG+

    Some of yall may have seen me here and there with inquiries on the discord, and well figure may as well plop my current/past projects on here too.

    What we got here is an introductory level and per YourMaster wanted something done with a rival keeper so a revision to Lushmeadow. Premises of what may eventually be a level pack is that these levels take place after the original game, with some redesign of the maps but enough to keep them familiar, with some increased difficulty. Following a long hiatus of the "keeper" the lands have been reclaimed by the citizens above and the miscreants below.

    as of now there's only two levels in this pack being the concept of eversmile, and the recent project of Lushmeadow. Some testing and feedback would be great either here or on discord (preferably discord as I'm always on that)

    Look forward to (hopefully) trip you up in upcoming maps

    Psycowns NG+.rar
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    Default Re: Lushmeadow - Revisited/NG+

    Some text adjustments for Lushmeadow and some slightly altered spawning

    Psycowns NG+.rar

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