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Thread: Jobs in FX creature editor

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    Default Jobs in FX creature editor

    When I try to add a job to a creature, it gives me an error “List index (-1) out of bounds.”

    I’m trying to get it to were Imps train as their second job

    Also under jobs, what does “value” mean?
    there’s “training value”, “scavenger value”, “research value” and “manufacture value”

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    Default Re: Jobs in FX creature editor

    Which Creature editor? And could you share a screenshot of what you are trying to do, and the file you are trying to edit?
    And what's showing that error? The editor, the log file of keeperfx or keeperfx itself?

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    Default Re: Jobs in FX creature editor

    Where and how are you using the editor?

    And value refers to the skill of the job.

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    Default Re: Jobs in FX creature editor

    O yes, those job values determine how well a unit does a job. In keeperfx, if you open the query menu on a unit (the ? button) you can also see these values, they increase with level and speed boosts. Simply put a creature with research skill 4 researches exactly twice as fast as a creature with research skill 2 in the same circumstances.

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    Default Re: Jobs in FX creature editor

    I am using the FX editor to add a second job as training, so if they don’t have anywhere to dig, they will go train. I don’t know how to post screenshots
    it's the editor that is giving me the error
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    Default Re: Jobs in FX creature editor

    This creature editor?

    Are you part of the keeperklan discord? Click that link to join if you're not. Then simply paste in the #tech support channel there.

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