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Thread: Heal through ‘battle tab’

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    Is there a way to heal a creature with a charged up Heal spell in the battle tab, like how you can click on them regularly and charge the spell, I was curious if you could do the same thing through the tab

    If you have a large battle it’s much easier to heal through the tab

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    Do you mean the battle menu? The little menu where you see your units fighting the enemies, the button with the sword? If so, yes, that has always been possible.

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    Yes, that’s what I mean, but I figured it out, you have to charge it up outside the tab, then drag your mouse to a unit icon, you can’t charge it while your inside the fight tab, I just found that out

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    If you learn the timings, you can keep casting charged. So, hold the mouse button to keep the charge, then -extremely- briefly release the mouse button to cast, before immediately holding the mouse button again. If you release again, you will cast again with the same charge, repeat as much as you like.

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