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    Greetings, keepers! I want to show you a couple of my maps. Both maps are considered high difficulty. There is no "possession" spell in these maps.

    Level: The difficult path of the Lord
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Name:	Нужно1.png 
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    At the very beginning, you have the Lord of this dungeon under your rule, he will be your ally until the end of the game. You have to go through a difficult path, you will be hindered by heroes and enemy creatures. Show your strength and reach the purple keeper. Reach his heart, the Lord must see him, his brother! Kill the last princes and don't let your ally's Heart die. Don't lose the Lord otherwise you will lose!
    Level: Hellish Realist
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	нужно2.png 
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    Hello keeper. At this level you will feel the darkness. A dark, scary dungeon that the heroes captured. Don't show weakness, act, destroy everyone you meet. But don't get into trouble right away, be careful, otherwise the heroes will punish you! Get to the Lord's castle, but be on the alert, he will definitely not like your appearance!
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