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Thread: 88 Singelplayer maps for DK2

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    Default Re: 88 Singelplayer maps for DK2

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodsda View Post
    I just remembered another quirk, not sure if it was intentional. When I got to the combat pit room my dwarves dissapeared from my creature menu. They were still my creatures, I could find them running around, but they weren't in the list?
    No that was not intentional, I got that issue but I got it when claiming the Giant nearby.
    (I claimed the Giant before the Combat pit).The Giant disappeared instead.
    I tried to figure it out, but I think it solved itself later on, when finding “new” and more creatures.

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    Whynots_Devil'sFlower - Mixed feelings about this level. I really enjoyed the fight and the map design was nice. But if you don't read the Level description and infromation chances are you will be left scratching your head. My first play through I had no idea there were princes in this map, I just murdered everything. My second play through I forgot to save and one of the bastards died. My third plathrough I got them all converted and expected the level to end like in the campaign. When it didn't I had to go hunting in the map to figure out how to end the level. Perhaps if once a Prince is converted you could do a zoom to and flash on the Temple, that would make the objective a lot clearer.

    Still, once I knew what to do it was a fun map


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    Now when playing (easy) maps and not as great and incredible good and as fun
    like the ones before, I know that soon and very soon it’s going
    to be even better than before.

    I made these maps for me to have some fun and something to do
    later on in life, (I put a few of them out to be downloaded years ago).
    And the readme files was written so if I got bad memory I could at least
    try figuring out how to play them,
    I was not thinking so much of how others would approach them.
    They were made so to have as much fun and variations as possible.
    But having these maps for some years I thought, whynot,
    let others who loves this game have some fun to, now this is an old game,
    thinking, there’s not an abounded numbers of DK2 players out there.

    And remember to read the ReadMe files, if not after, so before playing,
    that is if there exists a ReadMe file, else you don’t need reading them.
    And don’t forget to save.

    ps. sorry for my swenglish ds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whynotsian View Post
    No that was not intentional, I got that issue but I got it when claiming the Giant nearby.
    (I claimed the Giant before the Combat pit).The Giant disappeared instead.
    I tried to figure it out, but I think it solved itself later on, when finding “new” and more creatures.
    I've noticed some oddities happening with creatures not appearing in the list as well. I don't fully understand it myself but I've seen it happen with certain Creature Index IDs. It's very odd, there's actually a specific Index ID that will never appear in the creature tab, even if you find more creatures, it's totally ignored even though the creature still exists.

    I'm on 1.3 so I have no idea how it could be on 1.7.
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    Whynots El Diablo - I tried about 5 attempts on this map but it seems everytime I get to the door room before the bridge, prior to the timer starting, it crashes.


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    Whynots El Gaz and Fire - This map felt like a nice intermediate challenge. If you don't have a strong build order to repel an early game invasion then your toast. If you can repel it then the conversions can begin. I like the way the map could be traversed up both East and West before being funelled back in for the final fight. If I'm in a bit of a hurry I can just focus on the one side. The LOTL party was not the main concern here, it was the side ambush just before him. Once that was dealt with Lord Bile didn't stand a chance. Funny thing though, the Fireflys spawned the same second I killed the LOTL so it was like they came to feast on his corpse

    Good fun


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    Whynots_E=mc2 - This is, by a country mile, the hardest map so far. At least for my play style. Have I mentioned before about how I hate timers? I hate them even more now.

    First play through, I thought I'd see if the timer was for some attack party or a lose condition. It's a lose condition.

    Second play through I thought I'd play normally, Spells and Combat Pit then advance. No, you can't do that because of the constant bloody assaults of ~5 lvl3-5 heroes.

    Third play through, lets push up and see what adding some pressure does. Well it gets you dead, just a little quicker. Everytime I went past the central room to the hero portal I got shafted.

    Fourth play through, right lets slow things down, so back down to 100% game speed instead of 400. This is much more managable, but we still need an assault plan. Any assault through the South door was doomed. The single tile hallway between rooms creates a bottleneck and the traps + archers + fairies just chip away from a far whilst Guards punch you in the face. The one time I did get a strong foothold into their Lair and eventually their dungeon heart the heroes had amassed around 20 troops and went straight for my heart. Undefended it was a race to see who could destroy the other's heart first. I lost.

    Play through 4.5. I was happy with everything apart from my assault, so this time instead of assaulting the south I micromanaged my imps to dig up to the North East and prepared an assault through the Temple. A quick summon of rocks to break the fortification and 40+ creatures storming in we had just to go through the temple and the training room, a couple of freeze traps, sentry traps and lightning traps that needed a possessed creature to take care of and then finally I had a decent raid on the dungeon heart. Blue could not bring his creatures back fast enough and although my heart suffered around 20% damage, his fell. 18 minutes left on the clock.

    I never felt like I had enough time to bother with the side routes or taking out the hero portals. I could probably have achieved it in the time, and it would have made the final assault less of a race as to which heart falls first, but I found that as long as I assaulted immediately after fending off a wave, I could win that race.

    This map, without the timer, I would play again. With the timer, I will just happily be done with it


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    Whynots Fallen Angels - This was a nice calm map. Almost put it in the too easy catagory if it wasn't for the fact that portals get shut off at some point.

    I wen't for an outskirts strategy after realising no raiding parties were coming my way. Found a bunch of neutral creatures and eventually Blue's dungeon. Given the prevelance of mana vaults I decided to trap up the outside and let the Sentry traps take care of most of the enemy. This worked well and I methodically captured and sold off his whole dungeon. However, the assault on the center was a bit troubling when I realised I wasn't getting fresh creatures anymore. In the end my imps did all the hard work, along with the turncoat spell and were able to capture the central temple room which then allowed me to drop my army on top of the DAoTL.

    Turncoat works on the DAoTL, it was quite funny watching him obliterate the hero parties that dared stroll through his lair.


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    Whynots Finders Keepers - I think this is my favourite level so far. When adding difficulty to a level I prefer restrictions over endless hordes of progressively stronger enemies. Starting this level off with a single low level creature, no portal, no useful rooms, and no spells really makes you invested in protecting what you do have.

    Having the Dwarves roam the inner ring meant you could carefully get some extra levels before venturing into the outer sections. I almost got caught out by the multiple LOTLs. Trigerred one far too early, I hadn't found a single other creature at that point. That took some management but luckliy I think I had the heal spell so was able to make it through. After that I understood the layout and could just work my way around methodically. By the time I triggered the last LOTL party I was able to crush them without any trouble.

    If I was remaking this map I think I would have the LOTL parties be useful Elite's that were convertible, like one be a Bile/Troll, another be a Warlock/DA, or at least have them guard the room type or the spell. I wouldn't have quite as many. Ending the level with Fly, Goblin, Troll, Bile, Rogue, Dark Elf, Dark Angel, Warlock and Vampire makes the last party trivial. Other than that though I think I'd keep it the same, hmm maybe have one of the corners locked off by water, one by lava, that could be interesting.

    Anyway, great map


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    Whynots Fireball - Not much to say on this one, a follow the only route available map. An interesting Hero Gate design thta allows them a chance to retreat into the healing room whilst fighting to make them a little bit harder to dispatch, but generally speaking no real problem at any of the checkpoints. Horny managed to get 3 hits off which I'm sure made him happy

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