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Thread: 88 Singelplayer maps for DK2

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    Whynots GiantsOfTheNorth - I liked this map, difficult to play on 400% because you need to expand efficiently enough to find the neutral creatures and portal needed to defend against the up to Lvl6 Giant incursions. After a little while you get enough of everything to be comfortable defending, then comes the training. Eventually I ventured out into the lava and thought I'd take out the Hero Gates because heading back every couple of minutes to micro another defense was a bit annoying, but alas, more Giants will come from the main enemy room.

    The final fight was a bit tricky to engage because whilst dealing with the guarding Giants, invasion Giants would come out. My strategy in the end was to let the invasion pass, then drop behind them, keeping my creatures a few tiles back from the main room with Call To Arms, then posess and draw out the GoTL. Once he was engaged in my mass of creatures I dropped out of posession and healed until he was dead.

    The lack of Thunderbolt really made this level much harder then it otherwise would have been.


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    Whynots GrandPrix (BadRace) - A very novel map. Was interesting seeing the Skeletons do the claiming and the arrival timing seemed to be pretty accurate, I bet a lot of work went into that to make the AI behave. Not really anything to do though other than wait and then spam Skeletons at the end.


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    Whynots Hellsingland - This was a big map. BIG. Towards the end it started lagging, although I'm not entirely sure why as there weren't many creatures running about.

    I like the premise of the level, and I liked how I could get a random creature pool at the beginning. I didn't like the hidden gems aspect. By the time I'd killed everything in plain sight I had 3 of 9. Finding the others took as long as my initial exploration but by that point none of the Hero parties posed any real challenge, even with a poor creature selection.

    I think this map works well after you already know where the gems are, or at least what to look out for. As a first time player of the map it was very confusing and could have done with some more visual aids, but I guess that then defeats the premise.


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    Whynots Highlander - This map was good fun. Nice progression in enemny creature level to train up the LoTL. I assume the spells availability was based on a timer, thank god you included Thunderbolt in there. Without it I would have had to hope those trap boxes lying around were Lightning traps.

    I didn't really have any trouble dealing with the incoming enemies until the Lvl10 Black Knights and the DAoTL, where mana preservation, Lightning traps and Thunderbolt became my strategy. Weirdly I had more problems the second time I played it than the first.


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    Whynots Invaders - This was quite a nice map, could easily see this being a campaign level. Not having access to a portal for the first portion of the game makes you a little protective of the fragile creatures that you are able to find, but access to the Prison and Torture chamber quickly remedies the lack of creatures. Once a suitable force of conscripts is gathered the march North is straightforward.


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    Whynots Itsy Bitsy Spider - Another enjoyable level. Despite having 2 portals I didn't feel like I had a force I was happy with, and I was kind of bored with my usual Warlock, BK, DA, Converts strategy so I decided to switch things up and focus on Vampires. By the final assault I had 18 vampires all over Lvl4, 10 BKs a DA and a handful of Bile Demons. Breaching the final wall was an absolute slaughter for all involved. A quick bridge build and push forward resulted in all of my vampires being killed, the defending army being mostly killed and then the 2 hero gates spamming high level parties. But the fun thing about vampires is they just keep coming back

    I spent a leaisurely amount of time on the level and then completed the final assault in about 60 seconds. That was good fun


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    Whynots Journey - It's always refreshing to play with Good creatures. I found the 2 Monks hidden away and trained up before I made my journey through the river. There was some mentor voice over which suggested I should be using possession, but given I had Call To Arms I didn't really see the need. Not having a torture chamber available made this level non-trivial but as there were no invasions each outpost could be handled individually before healing and continuing.

    For some reason the DAoTL died very quickly. I drew him out with a possessed creature and ran him into my ambush, a couple of seconds later he was dead.


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    Whynots_Joker;-) - Urgh, another timer. Although 75 minutes is a long time so maybe it won't be an issue. First I head down the trapped path on the western side and take out that Hero Gate. Just as I finish Blue makes an incursion so I go and deal with him. It seems he fell to the hero invasions so picking off the few Elven Archers that remained and then wiping out his heart was easy enough. Then I figure he probably has the same Hero Gate on his side so I go and take that out.

    Now I have a problem, the southern assault looks futile. Way too many high level creatures and not enough time to train up, so I opt for a large amount of traps. This works wonderfully well and singlehandedly takes out all of the Hero's on the other side of the door. Now I see stone knights which can mean only one thing. I see something useful but my imps ignore it no matter how many of them I drop. In the end I had to cut them off from the route back to my dungeon by selling bridges and then building the room on the other side to make them behave. A quick drop of my remaining creatures into the edges of the temple and it's time for Horny to do his thing.

    Was quite fun, even though the timer made me rush.


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    Whynots Kingdom Come - This map had some similarities to other room by room maps with the exception of the final one. The last room spawns parties of Lvl~10 enemies every few minutes (at 400%) and they are a bit of a pain to repel unless you have a trap ambush. Luckily I had a Heal All to hand so after breaching the final room, waiting for a wave, dealing with it, I was able to heal and drop in on the king to dispatch him with relative ease.

    Good fun and will catch people out if they don't prepare.


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    Whynots KingDoom - Quite a long map, but good fun. No access to a portal or starting access to decent rooms on this one so was very much a conservative approach to working through the map. The prison came quite a while before the torture chamber, but a tip for others - you can hold imprisoned creatures in your hand indefinitely.

    Good fun


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