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Thread: 88 Singelplayer maps for DK2

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    Default Re: 88 Singelplayer maps for DK2

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodsda View Post
    Whynots Trilogy (TheEnd) - Another nice play on difficulty settings for this map. I wasn't aware of it before I started and just by chance I took on the right most keeper. I assume that I got the Elite DA for my troubles but I didn't actually seen when he appeared.

    After the Keeper was dealt with it took a little while to take out the 4 rooms surrounding the Kings hideout. The spawned creatures were mid-high level and the patrolling parties were particularly annoying. Once it was done I prepared my forces for the final assault, set the flag and jumped in feet first. Everyone died... I had some 30+ conversions to bolster the forces from my 2 portals. When the mist cleared I saw the king was still standing. Unfortunately for him though he was standin on my tiles and he had 2 petals left. He died to Lightning.

    Good fun this one

    Haha, That's the way aha, I like it, like it...
    This map has the other keepers bug, or what i should call it, sometimes they give up
    and do nothing, ending up as level ones. Not all three of them, so before I choose
    which door I will smash down, I use the spell sight of evil to take a look at their hearts
    to see which I will not attack, I choose the one that's still making it worth fighting.
    this bug doesn't happen every time.

    There's a elite creature coming thru the enemys portal when you killed him,
    diiferent one for each keeper you kill, this is a "gift" from the Gods
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    Whynots Twin Peaks - Nothing too challening here. A calm start, small invasion parties and some high level patrols that can be convinced to turn on themselves. It's more a case of slowly plodding along because rushing in would invariably lead to excessive losses.

    There was more than enough gold to allow this defensive play style, especially once you get to Giant country. The final rooms were a bit of a mystery but I guess the level name should have given me a clue.


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    Whynots_The_Terror(ist) - This was quite a long level. The first time I tried this I didn't find the Neutral creatures, rushed the portal and regretted it. The second time I played more conservatively. Took each portal one at a time and trained in between each one. Eventually, after taking down all of those and finding the hidden tunnels to get towards the end I found the RoTL. He foolishly did not have a protection detail and fell quickly, but then the next RoTL was a bit more challening. Had I not been training throughout the lvel I think I would have been underprepared, especially given the trap situation. On the other hand he didn't travel with anything overly offensive so who knows, maybe I would have survived.


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    Whynots_UnderTheSpell - This was a fun level, could see this being a skirmish map.

    I initially opted for the Monk because Heroes are generally weaker so offer more of a challenge. Managed to get the central portal without too much of an issue and learned that the portal limits are grouped, not specific to their type. Anyway, I built up a reasonable force but couldn't be bothered going above training room level. I claimed accross no mans land and tunneled up to Blue's Dungeon Heart. A quick Tremor, Call To Arms and drop my creatures, he was dead rather quickly.

    Then the DAoTL showed up and was clearly heading for me. So rinse and repeat with Call to Arms to defend and he also died quite quickly.


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    ”Twin Peaks”
    Was done in between, the idea was to make wooden bridges
    burn faster, but it didn’t work out that well, the enemy
    burned as well.

    “The Terror(ist)”
    In this one, to read the ReadMe file is essential, I don’t
    even think it’s winnable otherwise, and yes it’s a slower map,
    so that fast players learn to be careful with their creatures.

    Made “a long time ago”, when I was learning the portal way and as you pointed
    out, the central one refuses to obey.

    >to read the ReadMe file is essential, This goes for "VulcanRider" too, if not even more so
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    Whynots VulcanRider - A different concept for this map, get your small party from one side to the other. I have to confess, not my favourite level. I didn't finish it, got to a door with 2 fear traps and kept getting pushed out of posession meanwhile my creatures were complaining about not having a Lair and rebelling so I just sort of lost interest.

    All the elements missing are the elements that I like about DK2, the rooms, the imps, the battles, the spells, the recruiting, the training.


    Edit: Ok I felt bad about skipping this one and figured that I should make it to the finish. I found that I had skipped a room, that led to a room of Monks, that led to a room of guards, that led to a Vampire and another Lair tile. It also led me past the fear traps. From here I scouted Blue and decided I couldn't take him very quickly as 1 Lvl9 Salamander vs 2 portals worth of Heroes.

    So follow the lava, I found a little trail behind a barricade that led to the last treasury. From there I found the end room, killed the wizards and Monks, then Fairies, Elven Archers and the Knight. I took my Vampire and Salamander, dropped them on the Hero Gate tiles and smashed through the door to victory.
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    Whynots_Valliants - Nice and easy, no real trouble here. Stay on your side, train, then take out the Hero Gates after you've got yourself a few Vampires. Move up and position yourself to attack Blue from the south. Build a big prison on this side of the Lava before attacking. Breach the south wall and kill everything that comes at you, immediately have your imps take them to the prison, then pick them up. Once that's done they should have no army and no reinforcements. Sell off everything but don't destroy the heart.

    Build a small trap section with Sentry's and Lightning traps on your side of the Lava. About 3 each. Destroy the heart and then defend behind the traps. Use imps to slow down the Dark Angels so they arrive one at a time. They should die before they reach your traps.

    Nice and quick, good fun.


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    Whynots Whisky Jar II - This one took a little longer. Nothing complicated, but a fair few opportunities for conversions, so I capitalised on that.

    Nothing came to attack me on this map other than when I discovere the second portal, but after dealing with the Fairies and Giants it was nice and calm, allowing for training meant I was more than a match for everything that followed.


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    "Whynots Reborn"

    Nice, now you’re in for a surprise
    why, perhaps this time you’ll die
    –Never, I could go on forever

    Hard, of course, a murderous card
    –Wow, I’ll put myself first in row
    yes, this one is only for you I guess

    This is a new map, I've playtested it a couple of times..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whynotsian View Post
    "Whynots Reborn"

    Nice, now you’re in for a surprise
    why, perhaps this time you’ll die
    –Never, I could go on forever

    Hard, of course, a murderous card
    –Wow, I’ll put myself first in row
    yes, this one is only for you I guess

    This is a new map, I've playtested it a couple of times..
    This is an excellent map, the pacing is good, balance is good, restrictions are good, E/W as opposed to N/S is always nice. I liked the 3x1x1 boss thing.

    There were 2 rooms I wanted that I couldn't have and at least 3 spells that I assume weren't available - I don't think I missed them.

    The sheer number of Ranged attackers in the final keep, coupled with Royal Guards to block made it quite difficult to breach for my Lvl10 Dark Angel. The way I approached every battle was if I was assaulting then it was Dark Angel on his own being healed, if I was defending then everyone was called in. For the first half of the game I was on the back foot, fending off a repeated assault of Lvl8/9 enemies. There was just enough time to break the next location inbetween each assault but not much more.

    Really enojyable, thanks!


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