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Thread: Dungeon Keeper Palette for Gimp

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    Default Dungeon Keeper Palette for Gimp

    When discussing sprite editing for dungeon Keeper on Discord, TheSim came up with this Dungeon Keeper palette:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	indexed_palet_Dungeon_Keeper.png 
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    I'm not sure how he got is, but it looks right at first glance.
    Unfortunately, there are only 247 colors on it, so I don't know how accurate it is.
    If some one can find a 256 color palette, please post it in this thread.

    So in checking in the Gimp on how to use it, I made this custom Gimp palette, that you can install in Gimp by putting it in:
    C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\palettes
    That's the palettes directory of Gimp, where all the default palettes are stored. If you put it there, it will be one of the palettes to choose from for indexed colors.
    Alternatively, you can make the palette yourself from the image above.

    A sprite made in RGB. should than be converted to indexed colors using that custom palette.
    Converting between indexed and RGB in Gimp is done by Image > Mode > choose new mode.
    Very important menu for image editing, so check image > mode, if you want to improve your power over image editing.
    Indexed formats are gif, certain BMP's, not sure which more. Mostly, image formats are in RGB.

    In general, drawings compress better in gif, photo's compress better in jpg, but these days mostly png is used.
    At any case, don't convert sprites to jpg, that will do a lot of damage. Gif is the most accurate compression.

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper Palette for Gimp

    It's the palette the game itself is using. I still have to finish the page, but a gimp palette is included in the zip here:

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper Palette for Gimp

    The reason I was insecure about the reliability of the palette, was because indexed colors always have 256 colors.
    247 colors misses 9 colors.
    I must assume that the missing 9 colors are used for filters, light, or whatever purpose in the engine.

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    The game itself uses several palettes, these are all found within the game's data folder.
    The main palette (used for creatures) is DATA\MAIN.PAL
    The palette for the level textures is LDATA\PALETTE.DAT
    The palette for most UI is DATA\FRONTEND.PAL
    The palette for most ingame UI is DATA\MAIN.PAL
    Then there's several miscellanious palettes for stuff like the loading sceen, or how it all looks when you're inside a hellhound (gray scale (DOGPAL.PAL))

    Reading colors from these files isn't hard, its all raw RGB values ([R,G,B][R,G,B]..etc) with 768 bytes in each file this means 256 colors in every palette

    I've got a small description and used palette for almost every texture file here:

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper Palette for Gimp

    Quote Originally Posted by Themperror View Post
    Reading colors from these files isn't hard, its all raw RGB values ([R,G,B][R,G,B]..etc) with 768 bytes in each file this means 256 colors in every palette
    Thank you for the update.

    I suppose it will be very easy to read, once you know how. I tried to open it with several graphic programs, but none can read it.
    Personally I can read hexadecimal colors, but don't know how to produce them from that binary file.
    I suppose "pal" stand for palette. How can these RGB values in the *.pal files be made visible or readable?

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