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Thread: My first two DK1 maps

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    Smile My first two DK1 maps

    I already posted these 2 maps on the Unearth editor itch page, but I thought I register and post them here as well.
    So first post and first map

    My first map is called and is a turtle style players dream.
    It’s nothing special, I basically just wanted to make a level where you have a corridor that you can fill up with lots of traps
    It is version 2 because the enemy would never attack in the first iteration since the AI wasn't building a bridge over lava.

    My 2nd map is called,
    in this one the fun comes more from learning how to beat the level and less from the classic DK gameplay.
    There are multiple ways you can play, and win this level, no spoilers though

    It’s likely that you will need multiple restarts before beating this one.
    Ctrl + + can be used to increase the speed of the level and thus it’s difficulty. (Ctrl + - to lower the speed)

    Have fun, I hope you like the maps.
    I'm open to feedback if you have ideas for improvements.

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    Default Re: My first two DK1 maps

    In the De Bowling map, you have a script that doesn't work.
    It says:
    Won't work, because PLAYER_GOOD doesn't have Gold to buy spells.
    PLAYER_GOOD isn't a very useful computer_player any ways, because can't build rooms, can only cast spells. If it had Gold for it.

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