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Thread: CD image of the Windows® 95 Goodies Disc

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    Question CD image of the Windows® 95 Goodies Disc


    I'm curious if anyone still has a CD image of the "Windows® 95 Goodies Disc" which looked like the below and came with the Collector's Edition.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm aware that it used to be on the website due to this post by DragonsLover....

    Quote Originally Posted by DragonsLover View Post
    Dungeon Keeper Collector Edition Goodies CD

    It has some icons, movies of the alpha version, pictures, a lot of sounds from Genewars and alpha version and the Dungeon Keeper Desktop Theme which is also available through the Gold edition. No new CD audio tracks.
    And it was apparently available as a RAR file (unfortunately although the Wayback Machine can show me this, it doesn't have the file)...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Selection_193.png 
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    PLEASE NOTE: I am already aware that the individual components (of what could be found on the disc) are available on the Wiki / Lubiki / DK Maps'n'Tools Base site, but I am still curious to get a proper image of the disc anyway if possible.



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    Default Re: CD image of the Windows® 95 Goodies Disc

    I don't have an image, but I have the disc itself.

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