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    I did not make this, but thought here is a mirror for the campaign found from this link:

    The download link on the site does not work right now, but here you go if anyone's interested. I'll update when I finish it if it's much good or not. Note that this is also a Japanese language only campaign right now with custom messages.
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    How do I go about releasing my current English version?

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    Post it here I'd say.

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    Well, here it is, my (provisional, at least) English translation of this campaign. Translations are not always entirely literal. I also left the readme file alone.
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    Thank you very much for the translation

    I wrote up a little review for the campaign after completing it:

    For a campaign which is said to be like Deeper Dungeons but harder, with no puzzles, I didn't have much expectations going into the campaign. However I was pleasantly surprised by the levels here as they are generally well made and interesting to play.

    It's correct that they are tough levels but I liked that there was actual scripting involved, and quite comprehensive scripting in terms of similar campaigns and levels made around the same time - 2011. Examples of this is on one of the levels events being related to battles won or lost, which was difficult to comprehend when the campaign (at the time of playing) was solely in Japanese. Apart from a couple of times, the levels were fine to understand what to do, which as most DK levels go, is to kill stuff. There are bonus levels too and they can be a bit tricky to figure out with no help.

    I think the campaign author's aim of having a campaign similar to and harder than DD was met, and I would even be up for replaying it as some of the levels were brutal enough I think they're next to impossible to beat without cheesing it via eg. grenade spam.
    The awkward thing about the campaign though is that the keeper AI has gone through lots of improvements since this was made and so probably makes them more powerful than they should be.

    Positives: Good script, lot of thought went into levels, rewards for claiming extra portals on all levels (through the script), sensible allocation of rooms/spells/traps/doors, occasionally makes the player think outside of the box.

    Negatives: Quite a few of the levels are like the levels where you just get tunnelled towards by the heroes and you fight off the waves so there's a bit of repetition there, although generally those levels are strong contenders as you usually aren't just sitting around although you do have the option of turtling. The 'hero fort levels' were usually pretty long. Over-reliance on needing to possess mode cheese enemies (which is suggested by the author on the hints page).

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