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    Hey everyone

    I'm a newcomer to the site, despite playing DK on and off since its release i have only just discovered this forum and subsequently Keeper FX. Naturally i'm stoked to find a thriving community and a whole new world of campaigns and other DK based fun, it's got to be one of my all time favourites. i look forward to some new adventures and getting to now some of you on the board.

    I've downloaded FX and i'm eager to play but as the title says i'm having some display issues. i run my PC through my old Phillips TV (720P IIRC, possibly 1080) and the edges are all being cut off in fullscreen mode. i've tried using NVIDIA Control Panel to adjust the size of my display but even when i shrink it right down the game still displays over sized. I'm not particularly great with computers so i'm now a bit stuck, the resolution options in the settings on the Launcher completely baffle me, I've tried playing around with them randomly but I've not had any luck.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    You need to find out what you have set your windows screen resolution to, your monitor, in graphics settings. For a 720p tv, it's probably something like 1280x720.
    Then in the launcher, you want to set the ingame, movies and menu resolution all to that, so, say 1080x720x32. When starting a map, you press alt+R to make sure you have the resolution you want.

    If it doesn't work, join the discord and we'll help you out.

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    Hi Your Master and thanks for the reply. depending on where i look ( display settings or invidia control panel) i seem to get different resolutions, however changing the in game to either doesnt seem to work, in fact ive tried near every resolution option and they all display the same, slightly over sized, cutting off the edges.. I'm also a newb to discord I've downloaded the app but I have no idea how to use it, do i need some sort of an invite ? when i press alt r in game nothing seems to happen.

    when i run the gog version it fits the screen perfectly so not sure whats happening.

    p.s. these anti spam captchas are annoying AF will they eventually go away ?

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    ok not sure how i did it but i kept fiddling and ive managed to get the display good enough to run the game happily. Happy days.

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    Yes, the keeperklan discord needs an invite, it's posted on lots of places though and everybody is welcome:

    It could be you have windows scaling enabled, which could mess stuff up for you. With the proper settings though, it should be not 'good enough' but absolutely perfect. You could install the WiP version found here though, that works with windows zoom out of the box.
    For older versions you have to configure windows to not mess with zooming on the game, but to trust the app to get the correct setting.

    But if you're happy enough, feel free to keep it how it is.

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