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Thread: Keeper FX 2!?

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    Default Keeper FX 2!?


    I would suggest a Keeper FX 2 for DK2.
    I used to not like DK2 very much.
    When I played through it again a few years ago and also played some fan maps,
    I found it quite good and definitely has potential for more. I'm glad it was developed.
    I also think it's good that it got away from beasts and became more human
    (they had to do something differently).
    One creature I particularly liked is the maiden.
    I would even say that this is the creature that has been missing so far,
    also as a symbol for less beast and more human creatures.
    I incorporated them into the main campaign,
    introduced with temple and as neutral creatures in levels 16 and 17.
    In DK2 there is a fixed order of creatures.
    It has always bothered me that the Maiden is at the end, even behind converted heroes.
    If that's possible I would put them between Black Knight and Dark Angel, because of the room introduction.

    The most important thing for me for a Keeper Fx 2 is to make it a lot easier for coders and moders.
    This change to the creatures in the editor and then overwriting each individual map is clearly too difficult.
    In addition, I would like new themes for DK2.

    Also, as in Keeper FX, some bugs should be fixed, in patch 1.7 there should be many.
    But I don't want to give up the maiden of the nest, which is only available in 1.7.

    I don't know if it's possible to add new creatures, maybe an ice salamander, a ghost
    or in addition to the jack in the box trap, one could create it as a new creature and an elite version.
    He also has a panel icon, I think I saw it in discord.

    I would also suggest that each creature gets a duplicate.
    There are probably even models for the elite version of most heroes,
    unfortunately I didn't get it to work when I tested it.

    Most also want a Horny as a regular creature.
    I would leave the summonable Horny as the elite version and the horned reapers as normal creatures.
    Slightly smaller than the Horny, attracted by Temple, one per hand.

    Some of the boss heroes should get normal versions and boss heroes as elite version.

    Here are my suggestions for the missing second versions of the creatures and heroes:

    Imp - Worker Phantom

    Goblin - Grubb the Elite Goblin

    Warlock - Almeric the Elite Warlock

    Firefly - Bzzzt the Elite Firefly

    Troll - Knud the Elite Troll

    Dark Elf - Zenobia the Elite Dark Elf

    Skeleton - Bane the Elite Skeleton

    Dark Mistress - Dominique the Elite Dark Mistress

    Salamander - Furnace the Elite Salamander

    Rogue - Gervaise the Elite Rogue

    Bile Demon - Bloz the Elite Bile Demon

    Vampire - Kessler Van Doom the Elite Vampire

    Black Knight - Kaleb the Elite Black Knight

    Maiden - ?Arachnobia? the Elite Maiden

    Dark Angel - Zachariah the Elite Dark Angel

    Horned Reaper - Horny the Elite Horned Reaper

    Dwarf - ??? the Elite Dwarf

    Knight - ??? the Elite Knight

    Thief - ??? the Elite Thief

    Guard - ??? the Elite Guard

    Wizard - ??? the Elite Wizard

    Giant - ??? the Elite Giant

    Elven Archer - ??? the Elite Elven Archer

    Monk - ??? the Elite Monk

    Fairy - ??? the Elite Fairy

    Royal Guard - ??? the Elite Royal Guard

    Stone Knight - ??? the Elite Stone Knight

    Lord of the Land - ??? the Elite Lord of the Land

    Swordmaster - King Reginald

    Assassin - Prince Tristan

    Templar - Prince Felix

    Warrior - Prince Balder
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    Default Re: Keeper FX 2!?

    OpenKeeper exists, and that is probably as close as we'll get:

    Unlike FX, they do not use the original game as a base, but require a full remake before they have something useful. Makes it easier to complete, but no fun along the way.

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    Default Re: Keeper FX 2!?

    I'm also waiting for KeeperFX2, to expand on many of the functions of KeeperFX1. It's been like how many years and never a sequel??? Just a bunch of spinoffs using the original game.
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    Default Re: Keeper FX 2!?

    DK1 had a debug version which left all function names in the exe,
    DK2 uses another compiler which stored that info in a separate PDB file(which was never available/leaked anywhere)
    so that would make an FX version of DK2 would be a lot more difficult then the one for DK1

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