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Thread: KeeperFX 0.4.9 Release Candidate

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    Default KeeperFX 0.4.9 Release Candidate

    Beta period over. See release here.

    Over the last 19 months I've been sharing Alpha versions for the upcoming KeeperFX 0.4.9 version. With well over 500 changes, fixes and features, a new release is very long overdue. Especially since some of these fixes and features are what I consider absolute must haves. And I'm happy to say, there's quite a big list of people who have contributed to this release, in big or small ways. A big thanks to them, and I hope people will stick around in the future as well. There's a #development channel on the KeeperKlan discord for all that want to join.

    Unfortunately, being fan-developed, it also means fan-tested. People have had a chance to play with the Alpha builds and report errors, but now it's getting serious. I've made a release candidate, which should include everything from the alphas. If you've seen a bug fixed before, please tell me if it's unfixed in this release candidate. If you submitted a translation, sound, map or anything else, please check to make sure it made it into this release candidate. Same if you reported a bug, and I told you it was fixed, let me know if that's still the case. If you play the original campaign or some other levels with this version, and it plays fine, please comment and let me know that somebody tried it.

    When trying the beta, please do a clean install.
    Download it here.

    To see the full change list, look here.
    Some of the highlights:
    • Moved to SDL2: Better support for modern Operating Systems, Video Cards and screen resolutions. Dropped support for Windows 98 and earlier.
    • One Click: Build, Sell or Dig complete rooms with just one click.
    • Map Packs: Now Deeper Dungeons is just one of several packs. Different rulesets per pack.
    • Player can do more in possession, like claiming rooms, dragging and reinforcing.
    • Several Computer Player improvements, like the ability to convert enemies through torture or rebuilding rooms they lost.
    • Pathfinding crash solved and improved pathfinding performance, making previously unplayable maps work flawlessly.
    • Improved multiplayer stability.
    • Improved scaling for high resolutions.
    • Neutral units can be imprisoned.
    • Fixed the bug from 0.4.8 that caused attacks to never miss.
    • Better handling of windowed mode, and new settings for it.
    • Chinese translations and better handling of non-western scripts in general.
    • Map Makers and modders get loads of new possibilities:
      - Seriously raised the 'script limits', more IF-statements, more creature parties, etc.
      - Dozens of new script commands
      - Ability to calculate, compare and randomize, allowing for complex scenarios.
      - New textures, that can be set on full maps or just parts of them.
      - Possible to load your own objects and images into the game for players to enjoy.
      - Removed the trap limit, so mapmakers can add new trap kinds.

    Once again, if you find that these, or any of the other changes in this release do not work well, are no fun, have bugs or something else wrong with them, please let me know.

    Download it here.

    Beta period over. See release here.
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    Default KeeperFX 0.4.9 Release Candidate 2

    I have received feedback of bugs in the Release Candidate. Those bugs have been fixed. The links in the first post have now been updated to download the latest version (Release Candidate 2).

    People unwilling to redownload the entire beta, could use this patch to update from RC1 to RC2.

    - No more 'Room lost' warnings being thrown when attacking enemy rooms
    - Mystery boxes and books can no longer be picked up from water or neutral land by possessed imps
    - Fixed custom trap tooltip showing the tooltip from the original trap in menu

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