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    Just getting to grips with KeeperFX installed 'over' GOG Dungeon Keeper Gold. It runs well, and I'm just tweaking my settings.

    However, I am getting an 'Error Saving Information' message when I try to use the Options-menu in-game to save, and despite being able to add myself to the 'HighScore' board, there seems to be no auto-save of level progress.

    Similarly, if I come out of the game and go back in, Ifind myself at the 'master-menu', which gives the long list of different games available, original, new, and all the maps etc - again, no clear 'Progress saved'.

    So how DO I save correctly, so I don't lose everything?



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    Either one of two things is going wrong:
    - You don't have a KeeperFX/Save folder somehow. Make the folder if it's not there.
    - You don't have proper access rights to the folder where KeeperFX is installed. Try running as Admin and be sure to have KeeperFX installed in a sensible directory, so not a user folder or desktop.

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