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    After almost two year since the last release, and with the 25th anniversary of DK coming up, I'm happy to finally release KeeperFX 0.4.9.

    It took a long time, but there has never been a more feature rich release of this game so I hope it was worth the wait.

    What's new in KeeperFX 0.4.9

    To see the full change list, look here.

    Some of the highlights:
    • Moved to SDL2: Better support for modern Operating Systems, Video Cards and screen resolutions. Dropped support for Windows 98 and earlier.
    • One Click: Build, Sell or Dig complete rooms with just one click.
    • Map Packs: Now Deeper Dungeons is just one of several packs. Different rulesets per pack.
    • Player can do more in possession, like claiming rooms, dragging and reinforcing.
    • Several Computer Player improvements, like the ability to convert enemies through torture or rebuilding rooms they lost.
    • Pathfinding crash solved and improved pathfinding performance, making previously unplayable maps work flawlessly.
    • Improved multiplayer stability.
    • Improved scaling for high resolutions.
    • Neutral units can be imprisoned.
    • Fixed the bug from 0.4.8 that caused attacks to never miss.
    • Better handling of windowed mode, and new settings for it.
    • Chinese translations and better handling of non-western scripts in general.
    • Map Makers and modders get loads of new possibilities:
      - Seriously raised the 'script limits', more IF-statements, more creature parties, etc.
      - Dozens of new script commands
      - Ability to calculate, compare and randomize, allowing for complex scenarios.
      - New textures, that can be set on full maps or just parts of them.
      - Possible to load your own objects and images into the game for players to enjoy.
      - Removed the trap limit, so mapmakers can add new trap kinds.

    There's new controls too, very important. Look here.


    KeeperFX 0.4.9 Complete is delivered as a complete installation, but requires a legally owned copy of Dungeon Keeper for copyright reasons. An original version (Disk, GOG, etc) is used to play, so after extracting the archive run the included Launcher and select 'Installation' to copy the required files over. Do not overwrite an earlier version of KeeperFX with this new release, it will cause problems.

    Installation instructions can be found on the official wiki. If you have any problems with the release, feel free to share here or list an issue on Github. There's also a troubleshooting section on the Keeperklan Discord. Note that you will be asked for the contents of the keeperfx.log file.

    Music files need to be downloaded separately if you want to have the game music play without your cd in your drive.
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    Congratulations and Thank You! It's great to see this classic game still has such a loyal and dedicated following.

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    Thank you!

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