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Thread: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.5.0

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2921

    New update: Alpha 2921.

    Higher framerate, more sounds, misc fixes. Comes with a new version of keeperfx.cfg, so you need to reconfigure your settings (or keep your original file)

    What's new:

    • Added delta time and interpolation
      - Plays the game in an higher framerate, without speeding up the gameplay
      - Added DELTA_TIME setting to keeperfx.cfg to turn this off
      - Partial implementation, so far works on: Mouse cursor, Thing rendering positions, Camera movement, Lights (still snapping to subtiles though), Liquid wibble and Tooltip scrolling text
    • Sounds!
      - Trying to drop stuff when you can't now makes a small rejection sound
      - Hero gates in possession make an ominous sound
      - Creature buff spells no longer all use the 'heal' sound, but use fitting sounds for each specific sound
      - Stopped 'AmbienceSound' log errors when playing with disabled sound
    • Increased action point limit to 255
    • Fixed CREATE_EFFECTS_LINE line from not showing up or missing target in some cases
    • Scaling improvement, particularly to field of view.
      - Makes the game look better, specifically in possession when in ultra-wide screen resolutions
    • Fixed duplicate level name in Conquest of the Artic campaign
    • Pixels on parchment map blink for neutral units as they do on minimap
    • PickUpOffset creature property configurable
      - Determines how they are held in the hand, useful for custom creatures/sprites
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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2921

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    Creature buff spells no longer all use the 'heal' sound, but use fitting sounds for each specific sound
    I still think the rebound sound sounds rather arcadey....

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