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Thread: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.5.0

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    Default KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.5.0

    KeeperFX 0.4.9 has been released, so work has started on version 0.5.0. For that, it helps if people play with the new software and tell us about bugs and other problems.

    You can find all versions here: Alpha Builds.

    More instructions are on the wiki.

    The Alpha builds come as small patches that should be extracted over a fully functional and installed KeeperFX 0.4.9 version. Overwrite ALL files it asks.
    Included will be a file called '_keeperfx.cfg', this can be renamed to 'keeperfx.cfg' to get the latest configuration settings. It is named like this to not overwrite your settings each time you update.

    It could happen that save games from older versions no longer load in newer versions. However, the campaign progress is not lost, only the progress on the level you were playing. Therefore it's advised to update in between levels.

    If you want to make custom modifications to your own game, do this to the 'personal' folder, see 'levels/personal.cfg'. That way, you can update freely without losing your modifications.

    Please feel free to share any feedback. You can often find me on the Keeperklan Discord too.
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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2805

    New update: Alpha 2805.

    First Alpha of the new release has several great features and fixes. Not listed are lot of rewritten functions that offer no immediate benefit and do have big risks of introducing bugs. However, these rewrites are big steps forward to rid ourselves of the 25 year old limitations we still have to deal with.

    What's new:

    • Drag the mouse to build and sell rooms
    • Strongly reduced the screen flickering when moving in possession
    • New script command: SWAP_CREATURE
      - 'SWAP_CREATURE("new_creature",[creature])' will now replace the [creature] with whatever is in the "new_creature.cfg" file.
      - Can be used to have 32 different unit kinds per map, so no longer limited to 32 unit kinds overall.
    • Doors now fully configurable
      - Possible to add more door types and change existing ones
    • Cave in spell can no longer be used to break your units free of enemy torture rooms
    • Fixed multicolored boundbox not working on Ctrl-build
    • Wall torches no longer break wall decorations on the other side of the wall
    • Neutral books and level specials now displayed on the minimap
    • Having only off-map gold no longer breaks lining up before locked doors on payday
    • Fixed a bug warning player all treasure rooms are full when imps could not reach empty ones
    • Added a placefiller below the menu on 4:3 screen resolutions
    • No more log warning when using custom icons for traps/doors
    • More room functionality goes over the 'room role' settings in terrain.cfg
    • Giving spell availability in level script inside a loop no longer gives the player multiple copies
    • Fixed torch dirt from deeper dungeon textures using the default background.
    • Level update: NG+ 20 unlocks blue prison door to stop blues prisoners waking up
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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.5.0

    I’ve been tiying to capture a video of it.but it seems intermittent.
    but sometimes I’m not getting the mentor saying when the enemy has broken through my walls, or the lord of the land has arrived, neither you hvae conquered this realm.
    I’ve only noticed this since this latest update.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Test builds for version 0.5.0

    Weird, I'll keep an eye out for it thanks.

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2817

    New update: Alpha 2817.

    The fixing of screen flickering in the last alpha caused occasional crashes and field of view issues. So that fix is reverted, this means the crashes are gone, but of course also that the flickering in possession is back on higher resolutions.
    And also several more rewrites with changes of totally new and unexpected bugs.

    What's new:

    • The flickering in possession bug is back, the fix for it caused crashes and other trouble
    • Fixed Room-building cursors sticking around on menu
    • Tunnelers will no longer get distracted by digger tasks when he is assigned to a real job like training or guarding
    • Passenger control cheat no longer messes up menu
    • Minor fix to pathfinding that may or may not be noticeable

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2839

    New update: Alpha 2839.

    As promised, new bugs were introduced in the alpha's, so today fixes for that, and some new features to boot. And still more technical stuff behind the scenes that for now could only provide more bugs, but should lead to great things down the line.

    What's new:

    • Fixed a recently introduced bug that has level-modified traps/doors break.
    • Fixed a recently introduced bug that showed enemy experience level in possession.
    • Fixed creatures not knowing the Pythagorean theorem
      - They believes diagonals were as short as straight lines
      - They will now accurately follow the instance range on diagonals as well as straight lines
      - This fixes the behavior where units cast lightning outside of the spell range and failing to hit repeatedly.
    • Reduced redundant mentor information speeches
      - Mentor will no longer loudly warn you about units winning or losing battles that are being displayed on screen
      - Mentor does not warn you that new combat is starting for units that were already in the battle queue (hopping as the 5th unit in melee combat)
    • Fixed a 3d line-of-sight function from not finding it's target
      - Could fix a whole lot situations where things failed to find a target when there was a difference in height
      - Included a fix where stationary units were not damaged by gas because the gas could not find them
    • Some support for multiple dungeon hearts
      - If a mapmaker places two hearts, enemies will only attack the 'primary heart'.
      - SOUL_CONTAINER objects determine what is a heart and what is not.
      - If that heart is destroyed, the second heart becomes the new primary heart and the player is not defeated yet.
      - Dungeon will not be destroyed and game will not be lost until all hearts are destroyed
      - ADD_OBJECT_TO_LEVEL command updated to allow for an owner. So mapmaker can place new hearts at will during a level.
    • Portals and Tunnels look better now on the map zoombox. It shows the top, instead of the floor below.
    • Frail earth blocks being mined (rounded corners, slabs with fewer than 9 columns), now show rubble for each destroyed column.
      - Before it would either do rubble for 0 or 9 columns.
    • Fixed persuading warlocks to try and take an unlimited amount of creatures with them. (Before it settled for 7, now it usually takes fewer.)
    • The player hand can now be modified by changing the values of the hand objects in objects.cfg
      - This allows for size change, animation speed change or completely different (custom) animations.
    • Tunnelers do not count as having 'breached' your dungeon yet if they are invisible inside a tunnel.
    • Creature footstep pitch now comes from the creature configuration files, no longer hardcoded.
    • Campaign name and level number displayed in keeperfx.log (because I often get logs without explanation)
    • Purple slab type now displays purple on maps

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2847

    New update: Alpha 2847.

    Emergency update, the previous alpha introduced a bug where flying units could see and shoot through walls and doors.
    This update stops loading older saves, and comes with an updated keeperfx.cfg that forces you to redo your settings.

    What's new:

    • Fixed a new bug where flying units could see and shoot through doors
    • SWAP_CREATURE command now remembers changed animations after loading a save
    • More 'Cubes' allowed, preparation for more modding support
    • New setting in keeperfx.cfg that allows you to disable mouse camera movement
    • Updated objective of Conquest of Arctic level two, it said east where it meant west.
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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2847

    thank you

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    Default KeeperFX - Alpha 2858

    New update: Alpha 2858.

    I'm very happy with the update from today. These Call to Arms issues have been there for close to a decade, but finally solved.
    This update stops loading older saves again.

    What's new:

    • Fixed the bug where the AI kept Call to Arms enabled for far too long with no purpose.
    • Selling doors no longer gives a 1/4 chance to make a slap sound.
    • Scrolling/panning the camera in the corner possible again.
    • Fixed torches and other flames not making any sound in possession. And they are linked to the hearing range now.
    • SWAP_CREATURE command now remembers changed sounds after loading a save.
    • Campaign titles in menu translatable now. So far just English and Chinese are available.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX - Alpha 2879

    New update: Alpha 2879.

    More spoils from getting closer to being fully open source and gone from the original limitations: We can now render more (show more on screen), so we enabled zooming out by a lot. This will probably be polished some more in future versions, but feedback would already be most welcome.

    What's new:

    • Increased the 'Render limit'
      - Fixes the bug where edges of the screen would become black flickering
      - Enabled zooming out by a lot
      - Possible to see a lot further in possession
      - The 'View Distance' setting in the ingame menu now only determines sight range in possession. Use it to set it to a value you like.
      - Fixed the black edges in possession, now smooth dark-green
    • Imps dropped on task will now always do the task even when low on health
    • Now possible to pick up gold and other things from frail corners
    • Fixed units shooting at enemies in the corner on the other side of the wall (so through the wall corner)
    • Fixed hatcheries from counting as 'unclaimed path', so you can no longer steal things laying in enemy hatcheries
    • Units breaking walls in anger now looks and sounds nice
    • Changed how destroy walls spell looks and sounds
    • Fixed a bug where digging while standing in frail corners would break the slab behind it instead
    • Fixed a bug where creatures stopped attacking doors when rooms where sold out from under them
    • Now possible to use keyboard to scroll the world map.
    • Campaign names available in japanese
    • Fixed Map 454 to stop it writing errors to the log
    • Added TokingRecovery to imp.cfg file
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