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Thread: New campaign - Unknown lands

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    Default New campaign - Unknown lands

    Hi everybody!

    I want to introduce you to my brand new campaign! It is not yet finished but i´m working on it every day (and night ). I will edit this thread on a regular basis to inform you about my campaign progress and to attach the .rar archive here, when its ready for playing!

    At the moment it will be available in the german language! My plan is to translate it into english when its finished.

    Some words about "Unknown lands"

    I will not spoiler the story here, but if you have some imagination, you can figure it out by the campaigns name

    Story starts some weeks after the original keeper campaign. You conquered the world, the avatar and his heros are gone! You are enjoying your life and your goal is to collect the remaining gold and jewels of the lands!
    But then, you were attacked suddenly by a new foe... ?? ? again?? oooor the hellish ? you will see...

    What i have done so far:

    - Made 3 "tutorial" maps, which are introducing the story

    - Made 5 maps which take place in the "unnkown lands", so far, each map will have unique mission objectives, and each map should feel unique!

    - tested the finished maps

    - Each map tells the story with ingame messages and objectives!

    - Changes to creatures: my goal was to make the less used (at least i did not use them, i dont know how other players play the game ) creatures like sorceror, troll, bug, spider, demonspawn more interesting. therefore i changed the jobs of the creatures. for example the only creature (early on) that will do research, is the sorceror! Trolls are the best workers, other creatures wont be able to construct traps and doors (of course there are exeptions, but i dont want to spoiler everything )

    - I will not tell you all exact changes here! I implemented introduction to the new creatures fighting abilities in the maps, so when you progress in the story you will see the changes! The changes to jobs are (in my opinion) logical, i did never understand why flies, bugs or orcs were able to do research.

    What will be done in the future:

    - more missions (dont know how many exactly, but i guess, this campaign will have round about 20 missions, depends on my imagination )

    - a final test of all maps, looking for mistakes, script issues and everything else

    - i will implement "mentor speeches" on the world map, and after each map. these, too, will tell story, next mission objectives or, like in original keeper, will just be funny ^^

    -> good1 and bad1 available in german language

    -> script for the other mentor speeches is written down for each finished map, but not yet recorded

    - i will "draw" a world map where you can see your progress after each round (like in original keeper campaign, when after the map, the world changes to red, destroyed landscape)

    -> map progress: worldmap contains first nine missions!

    - Once the world map is complete, i can start to make the changes for the single missions with "destroyed" landscape, but i first need the complete map... this will not be possible before i made all missions

    - New world map is not yet implemented

    - translation of: worldmap, speeches and texts into english

    My ultimate goal is to finish everything BEFORE i will attach this campaign here. I think, this will become a real great campaign . Therefore i want to offer you a REAL campaign feeling, with worldmap and speeches! It would be a shame, if my hard work would be reduced to just the maps without the sourroundings!

    BUT if some people are willing to help me testing the maps, that would be great! I need feedback! And i think somebody who dont know the maps is more capable of finding mistakes!
    So if you are interested in testing please send me a PM, but please consider that you will have to understand the german language, else you will not understand story or objectives!

    Again i have to apologize for my english! But im not used to speak or write in english

    Thanks for reading!

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    Default Re: New campaign - Unknown lands

    -> map 10 is created, i´m currently balancing it (done)
    -> map 11 finished
    -> map 12 created

    -> worldmap progress: contains 13 maps now
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    Default Re: New campaign - Unknown lands

    good luck!

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    Default Re: New campaign - Unknown lands

    I moved it to the maps forum, so people looking for new maps/campaigns will find it.

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    Unhappy Re: New campaign - Unknown lands

    I want to play this Compaign, sounds very interesting, can't wait to donwload and beeat it!
    Good Luck!
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