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Thread: Ember Realms - MMDKLFG

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    Default Ember Realms - MMDKLFG

    "MMDKLFG???" I hear you say. Yeah: Massively Multiplayer Dungeon Keeper Like Flash Game.

    Chr!x has discovered that game and shared the info to me and members of By looking at the trailer, it seems very interesting.

    You can take a look of the trailer here on Night Owl Games website. It's even their first title.
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    Default Re: Ember Realms - MMDKLFG


    It actually looks rather... good? Never thought i'd be saying that about a game thats DKish and wasn't DK.

    Too bad the GFX aren't all that great, but hell, i've made a point of playing games with gameplay, not GFX.
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