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    Default Undead Pyramid


    I created a new map with name Undead Pyramid.

    gl hf

    Edit: V. 1.1, V. 1.0 had bug by victory conditions
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    I made a new version 1.2

    Capturing the entrance is supposed to give you skeletons, I didn't think they usually need a training room and prison
    Now you can get them without having these rooms.

    Can anyone give me feedback on whether something could be made easier or more difficult? Is the early fight lv. 2/3 VS lv 1 Ok?
    I think at the latest with healing and speed it goes quite well.

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    I played version 1.1 of your map and got as far as the last two enemy creatures without the Skeletons but I didn't have the damage to kill the level 6 Vampire with the Ghosts and I didn't bother with the level 10 Warlock because his Word of Power could one one shot hordes of Ghosts by itself.

    I decided to claim the Guard Posts and kill the Hearts they were guarding once they ran off but that didn't finish the map so I had to abort there.

    As for the first fight: I had to reload the first time around because there was no indication how many Skeletons would attack you once you breach the first wall or how many Ghosts you'd get. After the reload I frame skipped to get more Ghosts and tried again.

    I did use the spells at first but realized that losing Ghosts didn't matter with frame skipping so they ended up mattering a lot less. In general, the way the map is laid out I didn't really care about perserving my creatures.

    The general pattern was basically: frame skip -> breach a wall -> drop Ghosts -> repeat

    I'd also say the traps at the top were excessive but I just disarmed them one by one by running a Ghost thro the locked doors (which ended up killing the Witches because they are stupid and gassed themselves :P).

    As for overall difficulty: not very high but also somewhat repetitive and dragging out a bit since Ghosts kill things super slow. I don't know whether level 1 Skeletons would help a ton there.

    I did like the layout of the map though.

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    Since you get and quickly, I thought the traps don't matter and can stay. It's not annoying to lose untrained creatures anyway.

    New Version 1.3:

    I now have one more actionpoint at the entrance, where additional and later will appear, I have increased some levels above and additional waves will appear among others at the new actionpoint.

    You now have an additional lv. 4 and the strength of the has been increased to 30.
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